Nanowrimo week 1

Week 1 is already down and passed and wow does time fly, huh? By day 7 I got to 19,339 (that’s 7,672 words above the daily word count), and that’s a hell of a lot of words (I mean right now I’m sitting at 20k) and it’s a hell of an accomplishment, I’ve already bought my 10k reward (which is a pack of Zebra Mildliners (and some space washi tape to cover the shipping cost/discount I got from previously buying), but I realise I’ve come into some run-ins which happen in novels!

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Tomorrow is the day…

… I start to write my novel.

I’m so nervous, it’s crazy how nervous I am (okay maybe not insanely nervous – but I’m worried that last year will be a one-hit wonder for me), writing comes naturally for me – I guess that’s why I want to be a writer. But my anxieties just lie in the fact that what if I don’t achieve my goals of 50k, I guess it’s different this time from my previous failures because I have myself giving me rewards and it’s my partner giving me rewards.

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Being Healthy

I’ve started to work out again, due to not being at uni 3/4 days a week, and I’m not doing stuff as often as I was so it’s pretty lazy days (except for tomorrow I have PAX, Saturday is the Kick-Off Picnic for Nanowrimo and I’m playing some minigolf, Sunday I’m going to IKEA with my mum, yeah busy weekend for me!) though this is not the point. I’ve done my usual workouts that I had when I saw my exercise physiologist, but I’m trying to add some other things like looking at my glutes and such.

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Hello, yes, I’ve decided to talk about Nanowrimo again because, hey why not? This time I’m going to talk about Plantsing where they combine planning and pantsing (planning is essentially you outline your novel to a T and when day 1 of nano comes around – you’re already writing. A pantser is someone who won’t plan at all and just go with the flow, or they can wing it), thus a planster is someone of the two, who might look for one thing somewhere and another thing somewhere else.

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I’m not going to make a “hey it’s been a while” because I’m sure people are sick of it, but hey I’m here to talk about how much I hate anti-technology and anti-social media films and society in general because it’s been on my nerves for a while. Let me first off say that, yes, social media sucks a lot of the time – especially in our current political climate of the world. I would say in Australia it’s not too bad, but with the influence of America, American politics and American society at best, Australians (including myself) have a lot of opinions on the current President of the United States and the politics surrounding his election.

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First week of University

To be fair, I’ve been to university for two days, so I can’t say the first week, but I write my entries on a Wednesday so let’s just say it’s the first week for the sake of it. I did go last Tuesday for a program orientation and then Thursday for like a big orientation thing and then classes started on Monday (which I tell you, was very eventful). All of the readings for my class were already online so I did a lot of highlighting and making notes online (I still haven’t finished all the notes for my Cinema readings oops~ and I need to get on my Pop Culture ones too).

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