Nanowrimo Wrap Up

It’s an end of an era, Nanowrimo 2017 is over. I wrote a blog post… technically last week, titled Lazer Team 2, and it was about the movie Lazer Team 2 – I wanted to break up the Nanowrimo talk with something else and well there you go. But here’s my little wrap up because there were two more days of Nano and I didn’t really talk about it in my Week 4 talk (for obvious reason) and I didn’t want to talk about Nanowrimo again last week, so here you go.

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Nanowrimo week 4

I plan to write after this. I mean, that’s why I signed up for a writing course you know? I want to be able to submit my work to places before I turn 25 like Voiceworks, that’d be cool you know? But it’s the last week of Nanowrimo (plus the two days but I thought I’d still keep my blogs consistent.

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Week 2 is officially over (okay not really since I’m writing this on a Tuesday) but I think it’s good to post these at least on Tuesdays. So far my word count is 30,197 – so I’ve hit the 25k to go on a date with my boyfriend (I got Meowth from Pokemon from Build a Bear and I got to see Thor Ragnarok, except that one I knew about because I paid for the tickets), I’m hoping to hit maybe 35k today, but I’m not living for expectations in all honesty, it’d be nice you know.

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Nanowrimo week 1

Week 1 is already down and passed and wow does time fly, huh? By day 7 I got to 19,339 (that’s 7,672 words above the daily word count), and that’s a hell of a lot of words (I mean right now I’m sitting at 20k) and it’s a hell of an accomplishment, I’ve already bought my 10k reward (which is a pack of Zebra Mildliners (and some space washi tape to cover the shipping cost/discount I got from previously buying), but I realise I’ve come into some run-ins which happen in novels!

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Tomorrow is the day…

… I start to write my novel.

I’m so nervous, it’s crazy how nervous I am (okay maybe not insanely nervous – but I’m worried that last year will be a one-hit wonder for me), writing comes naturally for me – I guess that’s why I want to be a writer. But my anxieties just lie in the fact that what if I don’t achieve my goals of 50k, I guess it’s different this time from my previous failures because I have myself giving me rewards and it’s my partner giving me rewards.

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Hello, yes, I’ve decided to talk about Nanowrimo again because, hey why not? This time I’m going to talk about Plantsing where they combine planning and pantsing (planning is essentially you outline your novel to a T and when day 1 of nano comes around – you’re already writing. A pantser is someone who won’t plan at all and just go with the flow, or they can wing it), thus a planster is someone of the two, who might look for one thing somewhere and another thing somewhere else.

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