Lazer Team 2

I saw Lazer Team 2 (2017) last week, and it’s … a thing. I’ll have a tl;dr at the end. I sometimes do reviews from time to time ( the last review was on Period Panties and the one before that was Riverdale episodes 1 & 2 – haven’t watched the new season yet). Spoilers are in this by the way.

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Period panties

About almost a month ago I bought a pair of period panties from Harebrained, and the specific type of underwear I got was Redpool (a joke version of Deadpool, one of my favourite Marvel heroes. Because of crazy shipping and the cost of the underwear. I found a local (local enough that they were two states over but still, local) online store named Beserk that sold the same underwear. Using conversion, the period panties alone from Harebrained would be $15.64, so they’re still .36 cents cheaper, but putting in shipping cost $7.50, so all together it’s $19.50 USD which is $25.41 which isn’t too bad, but I prefer to buy from the Australian brand, now onto the review.

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Riverdale ep 1&2

I thought I’d change things up by putting in a review (also my goal of writing more blog entries has already failed as I haven’t posted for over a month so you know). I thought I would review the TV show on Netflix (CW channel if you’re American) because I have a lot of thoughts and opinions about it, this will spoil the first two episodes but I have a tl;dr at the bottom if you just want to read something quick. I don’t know if I’ll do any more reviews, but hey who knows what’ll happen!

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