Being Healthy

I’ve started to work out again, due to not being at uni 3/4 days a week, and I’m not doing stuff as often as I was so it’s pretty lazy days (except for tomorrow I have PAX, Saturday is the Kick-Off Picnic for Nanowrimo and I’m playing some minigolf, Sunday I’m going to IKEA with my mum, yeah busy weekend for me!) though this is not the point. I’ve done my usual workouts that I had when I saw my exercise physiologist, but I’m trying to add some other things like looking at my glutes and such.

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First week of University

To be fair, I’ve been to university for two days, so I can’t say the first week, but I write my entries on a Wednesday so let’s just say it’s the first week for the sake of it. I did go last Tuesday for a program orientation and then Thursday for like a big orientation thing and then classes started on Monday (which I tell you, was very eventful). All of the readings for my class were already online so I did a lot of highlighting and making notes online (I still haven’t finished all the notes for my Cinema readings oops~ and I need to get on my Pop Culture ones too).

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2017 Resolutions

Here’s your usual “a year in review” blog post, last year I made one titled 2015, a year in review, it was a blog entry speaking about my 2014 resolutions and then my 2016 resolutions which guess what = I’ll review them and see if I did it and I’ll talk about my 2017 ones. Some people might find them stupid, and even I was one of them, but in a way I like to see Jan 1st as a ‘new day/new year’ you know the whole ‘new year, new me’ which I’m going to be the same person, let’s be real, but in a way to change how I want to perceive myself. So let’s get on with it.

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Bragging rights

I have two things to brag about if you will, both of them are achievements that I never thought I’d complete but hey look at where we are now~ though first off the idea of bragging rights sure is interesting, the fact that there are definitions of this term that doesn’t really need a definition like it does? Maybe that’s my own opinion on it, and maybe it doesn’t make too much sense but bragging rights as a phrase or a sentence are just so interesting to me in some silly way. Maybe this is a weird way to open up a blog post, but this blog is generally about me and my life so… Okay onto the bragging~

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Life Without a Phone

         I lived without a phone for two days, and it was hell. Okay, I’m not justifying the whole ‘millennials can’t live without the phone‘ trope, but hear me out for a second okay? Sure, millennials like their technology, and why not, it’s new and interesting and we can get jobs out of it (i.e. coding, graphic design, heck even writing!). I guess this whole thing links with my previous blog entry of Modern Romance.

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Modern Romance

    Romance has changed, especially due to the fact that social media has become something evident in all of our lives, especially as a young person it’s very… daunting almost. I remember growing up as a teenager, having a boyfriend was everything, it was ridiculous to how it tortured me in the end, when I turned 18 I joined OkCupid and weren’t they most interesting moments of my life, and don’t get me started on Tinder Continue reading

I’m a fetish.

Adipophilia: A sexual attraction to overweight or obese people.

          Hi, I’m Melissa and I’m… fat. I’m not saying that to try and put myself down, I have fat on my body and have been fat for more than 10 years (turning 21 this year so you work out the maths). Now I would say I’m very sex positive, I like to remind people to be safe, to communicate with their partner (whether they’re a continuous partner, a one night stand, etc.), to be safe when meeting a new partner (Erika Moen made a comic about sex positive here, which I think is important to read!). I’m also kink friendly, but this time I’m not and maybe I’m a bad sex positive person to say I don’t like the idea of a fat fetish, I also don’t like the idea of straight men being sexually attracted to women who like women.

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