tumblr_o2ocqphACe1qzxg26o1_500      That’s me on the left, and my name’s Melissa, I’m 21 and  I live in Australia at the butt of Victoria. To summarise  myself: I love writing, video games and comic books. I’m a  bit of a comedian so I’ll try to crack a joke a few times. (I  mean I think I’m funny)

      This blog was originally made for a class I did in 2014 (Professional Writing and Editing), it was for an assignment to make a blog but now it’s become a blog for my Library class (which I completed in both 2015 and 2016 respectfully) and now it’s just a blog for me to write about my thoughts and opinions on anything.

      To go more into my “personality”, on the Myers-Briggs test (MBIT) I’m an INFJ, on the Buzzfeed “What Kind of Person are you Actually?” quiz I got Lawful Neutral and I’m also Arya Stark. I’m quite introverted (yes I do know it doesn’t meant shy), but I’m mostly ambivert. Check around here and see my life… or well my life through my eyes.


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