Learning Italian

Ciao a tutti!

I’ve already broken a goal and I didn’t write an entry last week, but can you blame me I’ve been busy with work and I got two new kittens recently (named one Rosa after Stephanie Beatriz’s character on Brooklyn 99 (my choice) and the other Bob after Silent Bob (my stepdad’s choice) both from the same litter). But it’s better late than never, so here’s a blog entry about ITALIAN! More so learning Italian and how I’ve been going I guess, as it’s one of my goals for 2018 is to keep learning Italian.

I’ve always loved Italian ever since I started to learn it in year 7, and the reason why I loved it was because of the fact that it was easy. Now any language is difficult no matter what, though I have a long history of second languages: in prep, I learnt German, in grades 1 to 6 I learnt Indonesian (I hated it. can’t remember why, but I could only learn the numbers from 1 to 10 and a few colours), in year 7 I got sorted into Italian (I think I had the option to study Italian or Indonesian and you know my dumb ass went for Italian).

I moved to another school and had the option of learning Japanese and Indonesian – want to have a guess at what I chose??? Yeah, I chose Japanese, kind of kicking myself because I didn’t know any of the basics and everyone had already learnt a year of Japanese, thus, I was just trying my best and doing what I can. In year 9, you have the option of continuing the language you chose but you have to do a test and I didn’t want to continue Japanese, so I didn’t do a language. In year 12 I had heard my friend was doing French via correspondence so I thought “well why not I do that with Italian”, it was really cool, though I had to talk to someone and year 12 was when I gained the superpower: anxiety. I eventually stopped calling and stopped doing Italian, I just wasn’t motivated.

Throughout the years from 2014 to 2017 I used Duolingo and was kind of on and off of learning it, I’d start out learning it and then drop it. But right now I’m on a 17-day streak which is neato – and I chose Italian 1 as one of my classes for university (and I’ll choose Italian 2 for next year’s electives too), and I’m learning but maybe I might actually learn and get better when I’m in the class. I have a coworker who’s Italian so if I ask her questions she’ll help me out which is nice, but she learnt it as a first/second language (Italian is her heritage) whereas I’m learning it as a second language from a source that isn’t a family member so I won’t know the slang unlike her (and I imagine I’m probably learning Roman type slang or something for things like flirting and idioms and such, like Australia has different slang for different areas – things like Potato Cake in Melbourne is called a Potato Scollap in Sydney and it’s a Fritter in Perth … also for anyone wondering what a Potato Cake is, it’s this bad boy it’s just a piece of potato cut into a disc and fried – not an actual cake).

Back to Italian. I also think because of my learning disability it’s a bit trickier for me to pick up on words and things (and that’s my main fear when I do Italian in the second semester because I have exams and such, I will email the tutor when I find out who it is), but I do find it is a lot easier than if I learn Korean or something. I’m making links to a lot of words, mucca is cow (the mu sounds a lot like moo and that’s the sound cow’s make), serpente is snake (I think of serpent which is another word for snake), donna is woman (Donna is a name for a woman), latte is milk and cafe is coffee and things like ciao, bella/o, raggazio (boy in Italian) are things I previously learnt. So reading Italian has become easy, writing it is a bit of a challenge and speaking it is something I need to improve on.

I’m really passionate about upgrading my Italian and I really am enjoying Duolingo a lot more, if you want friends on there, add me, I’m commanderogerss on there! There’s also a lot of help online like YouTube with how to speak in Italian or just help with a second language and such, Leonie Sii made a blog post titled 7 Ways to learn a new language without taking classes which is awesome for broke people, the things she suggests are very helpful (and I need to get back into writing in my Italian notebook with all the new words I’ve learnt!) I’ve also heard that instead of watching shows/movies in that language with your native tongue, that watching a show/movie in your native tongue that you know off by heart with the language you’re learning subtitles. I haven’t tried that one but we’ll see how it goes. I also love the idea of children’s books so I might try and find some Italian bookstores or just children’s books in Italian (or use Amazon since they launched here in Australia), I might pick up Harry Potter in Italian who knows!

Let’s see how I go in a year, I can string common sentences and so, I know come sei forte! which means you’re so strong! Though Chrome likes to translate it to ‘how strong you are’ which sounds like a Yoda proverb, to be honest. But we’ll see how I go with learning Italian and maybe by the end of the year I’ll have mastered the top skills! Though, unlikely.

Until next time, arrivederci!


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