2018 is here!

Hello everyone! It’s finally 2018 and here’s my annual MISSY’S 2017 AND 2018 GOALS! Okay, maybe it’s not annual, but I did do one in 2015 and another in 2016 – wait that counts as annual right? Right? I’m sorry I didn’t post much in the month of December, I didn’t really do much, didn’t use my bujo as much, didn’t work out as much. I spoke of it in my last post about my cat and he passed away on the 15th, stubborn old thing, but I’ve got the scars on my hand to remember him by haha. Now to get the morbidity out of the way, here is my 2017/2018 blog post! Fair warning, this will be long!

2017 was a decent year for me personally, but a pretty screwed up year for the world. I’ll only talk about my personal things of course. January I had been working at my job for over a month and it has been cool and busy, on the fifteenth I got my hands on my PS4 (can’t believe it’ll be a year since I’ve had that thing, wow), I had my first endocrinologist appointment, and that was a thing per se. I had been doing my job seeking stuff which sucked a lot, and this is the year where I got a lot artsy in my bullet journal! Not 100% but pretty artsy.

February I was thinking of moving out of my bullet journal (which I eventually did) the first is two years since Monty Oum passed away, did a lot of shifts (more than I do now haha), I think I got my first pack of Mildliners too, which I was happy about and uni started on Monday the 27th for me, so during that month I did a lot of prep and I was so excited (look I still am). March is when I got my light blue Leutchtturm1917 in grid form (when I finish this bullet journal in March I’ll get a dotted one, maybe purple since it’s my favourite colour), this month I got super artsy and printed out photos and such, also first month of uni so that was exciting and two years with my boyfriend and we spent it in a hotel in our city, nothing exciting but I had an awesome time!

April, I changed up my spread in my bullet journal, so I had a weekly spread on the side (next to my weekly spread – though this one was a Mon to Fri) which pertained to just uni stuff. I tried my first Starbucks drink (and now I can’t get off the stuff), had a free cone from Ben and Jerry’s and I saw Beauty and the Beast. I also really got into Kpop this month – starting with Zico and Block B (I liked Mamamoo beforehand and now I also love BTS, but my friend from uni got me into them around April too, super proud of my boys!). May, I started writing months in reviews in my bujo to remind myself what I did, I finished my first semester of university, I decided to write notes during class instead of typing, that didn’t go well because they were loose leaf, this year I’m going to have notebooks instead. I decided to workout more, instead of walking.

June, I worked out every day except for days I had work. I saw Wonder Woman and tried a new contraceptive pill (didn’t work out, the second one I took didn’t work out either and now I have the rod). I turned 22, and stayed in a second hotel (which was nice), my birthday party was filled with pancakes, laser tag and karaoke. It was also pride month! I met my best friend of almost 10 years for the first time. In July, university started up again, I bought tickets for RTX Sydney, hotels and airfares, so all is left is to pay for the hotel and other things (like food and clothes and such), this is the month where shit went downhill, university wise, I got sick at the end of the month and I found my politics class difficult, wondering if I should drop out or not (I didn’t and stuck with it).

In August, I got sick again (or maybe it was a continuation of July’s cold), so I didn’t focus on my schooling and readings, and I didn’t focus on my bujo this month, I pre-ordered Destiny 2 (which I then returned in December). September was bad too, I found out my health care card was expired and Centrelink didn’t send me a new one so I got hit by the Myki inspectors (didn’t get a fine because of my good conduct but I do have a warning). I got sick again, and I got the rod on the 21st, and my bruise was incredible! I played a lot of games this month too. I spent way too much money than I should have, and on the 1st of October I found out I had no money in my account.

October is Brad’s birthday month (my boyfriend), so we spent it having Korean BBQ (my first time) and the place was expensive but the food was great, we spent it in a hotel and I got there early and watched the footy. I went to Pax for the first time, I had a decent time but it wasn’t a good time mentally around then. I also finished my first year of university. This month I realised I really needed to move out and find a better job, October was just a bad month physically, emotionally and mentally. I got to see Burnie Burns talk at Pax, and I didn’t take a lot of photos because I thought that I should just enjoy myself with no phone. I also bumped into a friend I did a podcast with which was cool. I also saw Bill Nye earlier in the month and that was freaking awesome.

November was Nanowrimo! I wrote a lot of blog entries for 2017, I hit 50k on the 22nd. Money wasn’t too bad this month and I got a new desk. This is the month where work and family tested me and I realised I need to work somewhere better and move out. November was a good month. December sucked. Like I said, Charlie (my cat) passed away on the 15th, I saw Star Wars in Gold Class on the 14th, and then saw it again the following Tuesday, I hung out with my friend that day and I had a good time. It made me feel happy, and I went to a Roo Teeth meet up (fans of Rooster Teeth), only four people + myself were there, but it was a good solid day. Christmas was awesome, I spent my first Christmas with Brad and it was just so sweet, I got some awesome presents, now I’ve got dad’s Christmas day this Saturday. I’ve been applying for jobs a lot so let’s hope I get something.

Now that the reflection is over, here is my 2017 resolutions and how I achieved them…

  1. Learn Italian.
    I didn’t do this (and lmfao guess what’s on my 2018 list!!!) – but for my second year of university I signed up for an Italian language class.
  2. Complete first year of Uni.
    Look what I did! I’m proud of myself.
  3. Move out.
    So I knew realistically I wouldn’t have been able to do this, but I’m at least closer to the goal then I was this time last year.
  4. Save money.
    I saved up for Sydney??? Does that count?
  5. Get P’s and/or a car.
    I haven’t gotten my P’s or a car, but I have actually driven and got some lessons so improvement!
  6. Read more.
    I read 9 books this year… 7 were graphic novels and 2 were re-reads. But I still read them so there.
  7. Write more.
    Technically I wrote because of class, but I did do NaNoWriMo.
  8. Be a size 20 – 18.
    This didn’t work out for me. But I’m still trying.
  9. Watch more.
    I watched quite a lot of movies this year, TV not so much.
  10. Focus on me.
    I would say yes and no. My mental health hasn’t been good, but I did try.

My 2018 goals are a bit of everything, and I’m not really going to write about them like I did before, they’re all pretty self-explanatory.


  1. Take studies seriously
  2. Finish second year
  3. Publish more works
  4. Learn Italian


  1. Get a better job
  2. Find work as a writer


  1. Eat healthier
  2. Walk every day (or every so often)
  3. Work out
  4. Cook more
  5. Drink 2l of water a day


  1. Plan more dates w/ Brad
  2. Hang out w/ friends more
  3. Chat w/ friends more
  4. Grow more w/ Brad


  1. Moisturise more
  2. Move out
  3. Get Ps
  4. Write more
  5. Clean often
  6. Stay curious


  1. Save more!
  2. Have 1k in savings
  3. Stick to budget

If you read through this whole thing you’re a legend. I want to know what your goals/resolutions are for this year, so let me know, and I hope you all had a safe and happy new year and this year is good for you. Be well ❤


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