Nanowrimo week 4

I plan to write after this. I mean, that’s why I signed up for a writing course you know? I want to be able to submit my work to places before I turn 25 like Voiceworks, that’d be cool you know? But it’s the last week of Nanowrimo (plus the two days but I thought I’d still keep my blogs consistent.

I think I need to write more, but at the same time I’m writing as much as I can but I kind of feel disappointed in myself as I wrote 2k every day (mostly every day) and then once I won, I was like “oh well, I won’t write anymore words” where I did write things but I think the most I’ve written is 1,775 words which are a decent amount but not as much as I’d want and I still haven’t finished this book.

Though, I believe that my goal for the end of the year is to finish writing this book (and finish writing Leaving Limbo too but I really doubt I’d get that done). But I want to write more, after last year’s novel I kind of just you know… didn’t write, left it as it is. Wrote a bit of things in the universe of Leaving Limbo but I didn’t add anything, I edited a bit of the writing in my creative writing class but that’s about it honestly.

I don’t think there’s much to add to this blog entry, but if you’re struggling these past two/three days of Nanowrimo, just know that you wrote more words this month then you started with and you will win this or hey, even if you don’t you still won – even if you didn’t hit 50k, you hit 1k, 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k or whatever in between those numbers.

Writing is something I feel passionate about, but I don’t do enough of it and when I do it’s usually fanfiction (which isn’t a bad thing of course), but I feel like I need to take this more seriously if I want to become a writer, and a lot of people say they found a new love for writing, or this will have them write more and I want to do that, it’d be nice to write every day, but I honestly don’t think I could do that, so in my bullet journal I’ve put that I want to write twioce a week, even though that might not be what Nanowrimo taught me, it’s still writing isn’t it? Like what I say every time Nanowrimo comes to an end, at least you wrote more words this month than you did last month, and if I write one or two times a week, I wrote more words that one day then I did if I didn’t do anything.

How are you guys going? Let me know, and also if you want me to write blog entries about something specifically also, let me know~



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