Week 2 is officially over (okay not really since I’m writing this on a Tuesday) but I think it’s good to post these at least on Tuesdays. So far my word count is 30,197 – so I’ve hit the 25k to go on a date with my boyfriend (I got Meowth from Pokemon from Build a Bear and I got to see Thor Ragnarok, except that one I knew about because I paid for the tickets), I’m hoping to hit maybe 35k today, but I’m not living for expectations in all honesty, it’d be nice you know.

Looking at my challenges last week, I realise that some of them are similar to this week, I was still somewhat comparing myself, but I stopped comparing myself maybe in the middle of the week because what’s the point, I’ll get to 50k in the end, might be longer then what it took last year, but they’re different stories. This week was faster to write, I quickly got to 30k in a week (though I did get to 20k in a week, this week has been tough as I’ve been busy with other things and work and all that), motivation has been somewhat the same and on the topic of motivation I think I don’t get motivated when I’m somewhere else that doesn’t feel “homey” enough… I don’t know what the word is, maybe because when I was writing at my boyfriend’s, I wasn’t at a desk? I’m not too sure what the answer could be but it could be that.

Pushing to milestones are good, and rewards are still going well, I mean I hit 25k on Friday so I could go on this date, I bought Wonder Woman and I now can get an eyeliner from Sephora (though I’m waiting till I’m in the city for that because I can’t be bothered paying for shipping tbh.

As for my own troubles this week, I think they’re all relatively the same as stated above, I don’t know if I have any that looks at this week’s troubles, I don’t want to write a new story because I love this one, but I’m finally getting to the action of it and maybe that the start was slow because of world building and descriptions and such (but that builds up my word count so you know). Some of my characters are changing, I have one character who I wanted to be soft but she’s become more snappy and another character I wanted to be sort of cold is warm.

I’m not falling behind, I’m quite ahead, which is what I want in the long run because of days like Sunday where I wrote about 100 words, at least I’m not behind. My boyfriend is keeping me on track and telling me to write and congratulating me when I get to milestones; so that’s always good, but I feel like next Sunday I might not be able to write anything so I’ll see if I can wake up early in the morning and write and possibly bring a book to write in or something (possibly my old bullet journal) and then go from there.

Week 2 went strong, and I just need to get my butt back into gear and write, because I don’t want to wait for my muse to come along, I need to bring it back and write and it’s worked so much, even days where I feel like utter shit (last Monday and Tuesday I felt like shit) but I still wrote, because that’s what I have to do.

I hope your Nanowrimo is going well and week 2 treated you well. Let’s go and fight back against week 3!



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