Nanowrimo week 1

Week 1 is already down and passed and wow does time fly, huh? By day 7 I got to 19,339 (that’s 7,672 words above the daily word count), and that’s a hell of a lot of words (I mean right now I’m sitting at 20k) and it’s a hell of an accomplishment, I’ve already bought my 10k reward (which is a pack of Zebra Mildliners (and some space washi tape to cover the shipping cost/discount I got from previously buying), but I realise I’ve come into some run-ins which happen in novels!

I realise I need to not compare myself to my novel from last year, on day 7 I was at 20,042 (that’s a 703-word difference), and I need to not compare myself because my novels are different. Leaving Limbo is character based, whereas The Last Life is plot based. They’re two different things, it’d be nice to have written more but hey, I’m doing the best I can. But, I wrote the most words I could on Sunday and that was 5,124 and the last time I wrote a lot of words was 2014’s novel on day 1 (how I got 5k on day 1 beats the shit out of me)

It’s been slow to write this novel especially from the start, I was excited about last years but this year its kind of lackluster and I feel like it’s because it’s just different, there’s an actual overarching plot, I love the characters but I feel like maybe I’m just putting pressure on me from winning last year. I mean, I’m gonna win this year, of course, I’m gonna win, but still, who knows what’ll happen.

I think the other problem I’ve run into is my lack of motivation, I’m thankful for the virtual write-ins, but this year it’s just like my motivation has just poofed and I don’t know why. Maybe I need to see where I am more active, I feel like it’s night time because everyone’s asleep and I don’t need to talk to many people (well maybe the Americans but then again).

My last problem is I either planned too much or too little. I feel like I planned too much in my chapter outlines, in Leaving Limbo it was kind of “here’s some prompts” whereas in The Last Life it’s very “here’s this and this and this…” and it’s helpful and I have gone off, like added a scene that wasn’t supposed to be there, but I feel like I’ve planned too little in world building and some characters I feel like I should’ve done. Oh well, I can work on that later. I can’t just edit, I need to write, this is a first draft after all!

The things that are working for me is getting ahead is great, and I’ve come to realise to push through to the next milestone. Monday and Tuesday (day 6/7) weren’t good mental health days, so on Monday I wrote to the 17k milestone (Sunday I was at 16k) and then Tuesday I wrote to the 19k milestone to get over day 11’s word count. So now it’s just trying to push through the crap days to get to the good.

Another thing is the rewards I believe, at least the rewards my partner has set up for me. I bought my highlighters, tomorrow I will buy Wonder Woman on Blu-ray, I have another 10k to go before I buy some eyeliner, 20k to buy a Squirrel Girl comic and 30k to buy L.A. Noire on PS4, but at 25k I get a date (which I should try and hit before Sunday, which I’ll obviously do) and then at 50k it’s something special, I think he’s still trying to decide on that.

With my writing (and in the case of world building) my world doesn’t believe in religion, so trying to find something to substitute “Oh my God” with is very difficult, so I’ve just sort of bolded it so I can come back to it in the editing stages, but I do find that you write some funny things in it. I think I used Marie Currie once instead of God.

I think that’s all for my Nanowrimo wrap up, sorry for the late response, should have one next Tuesday for week 2! Hope your Nanowrimo story is going well!



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