Tomorrow is the day…

… I start to write my novel.

I’m so nervous, it’s crazy how nervous I am (okay maybe not insanely nervous – but I’m worried that last year will be a one-hit wonder for me), writing comes naturally for me – I guess that’s why I want to be a writer. But my anxieties just lie in the fact that what if I don’t achieve my goals of 50k, I guess it’s different this time from my previous failures because I have myself giving me rewards and it’s my partner giving me rewards.

I never had a rewards system in place for myself for Nanowrimo before and I think that worked for me last year, I didn’t give myself rewards, but my partner gave me rewards – and this year I’ve set up a list for myself.

10K Buy myself some Mildliner highlighters.

20K Buy Wonder Woman on Blu-Ray
(25K I go on a date w/ the boyfriend)

30K Buy Kat Von D eyeliner (the alternative is TheBalm eyeliner)

40K Buy Squirrel Girl vol 3 or 5 (I might go for 3, but 5 is cheaper for some reason)

50K Buy L.A. Noire on the PS4
(50K I get something secret!)

If any of you want to use those rewards, go for it, I do know that for every 1k I’ll eat a lolly – or maybe every 500 words haha. Some people have put rewards for every 5k, but I feel like 10k is good. Some people haven’t even put like monetary things, I might do it for every 5k in between (so 5k / 15k / 25k / 35k / 45k), like I get to play some video games or watch a TV show or something (most likely Stranger Things – since I’m on episode 7).

The plotting processes have gone horribly slow for me, and if I plan a new book next year, I think I might start in September rather then October, I got so busy with PAX and university assignments and such. I obviously don’t know what I’ll do next year, but this is in case it’s a whole new novel – which who knows what I’ll do.

Tomorrow is the day, and I’ll be staying up tonight to get that first 1667 words in, I would love to beat my first-day word count goal, 5,005 in 2014, I think I rebelled that year… or I didn’t but I did write the first chapter for a class or something. Let’s hope tomorrow I get 5,006 words.



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