Hello, yes, I’ve decided to talk about Nanowrimo again because, hey why not? This time I’m going to talk about Plantsing where they combine planning and pantsing (planning is essentially you outline your novel to a T and when day 1 of nano comes around – you’re already writing. A pantser is someone who won’t plan at all and just go with the flow, or they can wing it), thus a planster is someone of the two, who might look for one thing somewhere and another thing somewhere else.

I am a plantser, at least I like to think I am – maybe I’m more of a planner, because I’ve done pantsing before and it’s terrible – I don’t recommend, but hey – some people have won while pantsing before so why not? With short stories I won’t plan out anything, maybe a general outline – but anything else, you’ve gotta be joking! Though with novels, I planned last year and I won, and I’m planning this year and hoping to win.

But, I don’t feel like I need to have everything to the T outlined? I feel like some things you could just be chill with, certainly with characters and worlds I won’t be chill with, but I think the general outline I’ll just think “yeah that could happen” because who knows what could happen. I think for my novel last year Leaving Limbo, I just had the major plot point that would happen in that chapter. This year could be different since mine is more fantasy then Leaving Limbo was, but still.

This is my to-do list for Nanowrimo:

  • Finish good characters
  • Start/Finish bad characters
  • Finish world building
  • Start/Finish chapter outline
  • Research!!!

I think that’s all I have right now for the to do’s. Maybe my strong point in writing are characters and like the build of the world, but when it comes to outlines of stories, well I’m just blowing a raspberry, now am I? I have finished my final assignment for my politics class so that was good, now I can focus on Nanowrimo! I’ll try and get weekly updates during Nano this time! You’ll see!



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