I’m not going to make a “hey it’s been a while” because I’m sure people are sick of it, but hey I’m here to talk about how much I hate anti-technology and anti-social media films and society in general because it’s been on my nerves for a while. Let me first off say that, yes, social media sucks a lot of the time – especially in our current political climate of the world. I would say in Australia it’s not too bad, but with the influence of America, American politics and American society at best, Australians (including myself) have a lot of opinions on the current President of the United States and the politics surrounding his election.

A lot of people have to deal with it, especially because it’s what’s trending at the moment. I’m also not going to discourage what social media has done to a lot of young people. I grew up (so say 10 – 18) where Myspace was the big thing, of course, I joined Myspace when I was 13 and I was swept up in the world of scene kids (I was huge into it), and a year later I joined Facebook, I had YouTube, I had Instagram, I had Twitter and Tumblr, but I was growing up when it was the early boom of social media, at least social media we know now. During the 90s it was AIM and AOL that could’ve been the boom and maybe in the future there will be another boom, it wasn’t until I was finishing high school (17 – 18 years old) when Snapchat became big, where Vine became big, where a lot of these now popular (or defunct in the case of Vine) social media applications.

I’m sick and tired of movies that try and show ‘the bad side’ of social media, is there ever a film that shows the good? No, why? Because society likes disturbing things, and maybe to prove a point that all social media is bad. It’s like during the 90s and all those hacking films came out, and they’re just so, bad; it’s the same with these social media films – do they ever get an above 50%? But I feel a lot of these films coming out in recent times is to do with the moral panic of social media. It’s crazy how moral panic happens.

I’m a fan of video games (if you didn’t already know), and in 2014 Target Australia took down GTA V from shelves. and the reason why was because in the game you could “commit sexual violence and kill women”. Now, first off (and even though this happened three years ago – I’m still angry about this) it’s an R rated game, you can only get this if you’re 18 years and older, and the only people who could get this are relatives. It’s like alcohol, you can only buy alcohol if you’re 18 years and older. Secondly, you can kill anyone no matter the gender. In the end, both Target and Kmart Australia took down GTA V (and inevitably, Kmart doesn’t sell video games anymore), and stopped selling it, except if you want it you can go to EBGames or Big W it’s pretty easy. But it’s not the first time the Grand Theft Auto series has been in the firing range, and it certainly won’t be the last.

What’s the connection between GTA V and social media? People, and well the moral panic like I said before. Video games have always been an issue ever since the 70s, and now it’s more prevalent due to games getting more and more violent, my favourite video game series Mass Effect was called out by Fox News in a video segment about the sex scenes, the moral panic of ‘whoa, kids will see this and think sexual things!‘, everything the woman says in this is wrong – but I won’t get into it.

The bottom line of this whole thing is – new things will cause a panic – TV’s were known to rot your brain, comic books made kids bad (Cracked did an article about stupid moral panic situations in America), video games were immoral, and so on and so forth. Anything new will cause some sort of panic varying from understandable to down right stupid. People will eat this shit up.

This blog entry isn’t supposed to be some sort of peer-reviewed journal essay, but I’m so against these ‘anti-social media/anti-technology’ movies, tv shows, articles, etc. No one ever shows the good and maybe we should. After a ten year friendship of ‘never-mets’ (someone you haven’t met before, usually relating to a long-distance relationship), I finally met one of my best friends like two weeks ago, and spoiler alert: they’re not a murderer. If it wasn’t for a YouTube company I would’ve found people who I call my best friends, I wouldn’t have learned how to do a specific level in a video game, I wouldn’t have found a passion in writing.

Sure, social media can be bad, I’m not ignoring that fact, there are scary people out, but there are scary people online as much as there are scary people offline. Maybe I’m just young so I wouldn’t really understand, but the people starting this moral panic are people who just don’t get it, and I hate sounding like a 16-year-old who thinks they’re now an adult. But realistically, people who are against social media either a) don’t use it or b) uses it but listens to all of the fake news reports out there.

Social media is a battleground, and we have to be Wonder Woman guiding through all the bullshit to get the safe haven. Okay, that didn’t sound good, it sounded better in my head in all honesty.



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