First week of University

To be fair, I’ve been to university for two days, so I can’t say the first week, but I write my entries on a Wednesday so let’s just say it’s the first week for the sake of it. I did go last Tuesday for a program orientation and then Thursday for like a big orientation thing and then classes started on Monday (which I tell you, was very eventful). All of the readings for my class were already online so I did a lot of highlighting and making notes online (I still haven’t finished all the notes for my Cinema readings oops~ and I need to get on my Pop Culture ones too).

The program orientation as just a program orientation, nothing too exciting, I made a friend and she’s pretty cool so you know there’s that, I learned that my school is the largest one in the campus (that must be why the timetable schedule crashed – luckily I had already entered all my classes I wanted anyway), and I got some free stuff.

Now the actual like orientation day on Thursday was so weird like it was half campus stuff that people did and like clubs and all that, and the other half was corporations (now this isn’t me being a communist and all down with capitalism it just felt weird ok). I mean sure, Commonwealth Bank was there and I got some free noodles out of it, but that’s not the point of this. Like it was cool to see all the different things, but at the same time, there was just something that was almost off-putting about it? Maybe that’s just me, I feel like it probably is, but it was an interesting day, I didn’t stay for long and left so there’s that. Updated my bullet journal and all (maybe I should do a blog entry about my bullet journal, maybe people would be interested in that?)

Onto classes and such. I came from my boyfriend’s house so it was a quick hour (not even) to uni from his, and I didn’t have to change trains because my train line doesn’t like to go the station closest to me. First class is my cinema class and that’s where we watch a movie. We watch some shorts from the Lumière brothers and The Four Troublesome Heads by Georges Méliès and we then go into watching The Wizard of Oz which was frequently in our text, but it was quite funny that just as we were about to watch the movie evacuation alarms go off, the friend and I had to get out of the theatre, turns out it was because there was smoke from a cafe on level 7. So we were able to make our way back after that was all done which was good.

I haven’t seen The Wizard of Oz in years, and it felt weird coming back to it, I could see all the tricks they used, the special effects, all this and that because it predates computer SFX. So it was pretty cool to experience watching it in a movie setting almost. Then I had my Creative Writing lecture that was in the new Academic Street area, and it was fun, the seats are way too tiny for me especially with the little desk thing but that’s my only personal gripe with it, so it was cool just doing what I did, and that day was good.

Next was Tuesday, I got into the city a bit too early (class was at 10:30 and I got in at 9:30) because my bus hates me. The class I had was a tutorial/seminar for the cinema class and we had to watch a “movies that came out in 2016” and watching it made me realise I only saw 1 film in that list (Overall I watched like probably 5? Lazer Team, Deadpool, Zootopia, Batman V Superman, Civil War, The Jungle Book, Warcraft (though I watched that in my own home), Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets, Ghostbusters, Suicide Squad, Fantastic Beasts, Moana, Rogue One, La La Land… okay I watched ten more then I thought I saw). The 1 I saw was La La Land and that was last week, but it made me realise I’ve got a tonne of movies to watch from the past year.

There was a 2-hour break, where I made another friend who’s in the creative writing class with me and she’s also in the same class as me for the next two hours so that’s awesome. I had to look around for a microwave, I kind of like but at the same time hate that I don’t know where shit is at RMIT, like they kind of go “welp, here you go, have fun” and it’s great in the sense that I don’t have to worry about this or that, but at the same time someone help me please (though I do have an app to help me get around haha).

As for the workshop class, I have the course co-ordinator as my teacher so I’m happy about that, we had more of a housekeeping bit which helped, I know where the library is so if I need to go there I can, I like that there are no exams for my course, and it’s more focused on the assignments and such. But it was just some writing about the lecture and what not.

I’m overall really enjoying the classes and everything in between, and I’m excited for this year and the two other years, today I’m supposed to have a pop culture class today but because the class is before the lecture I can’t. So I might have to change when I update my blog, who knows. That was two days in the life of me, tune in next week~ Kidding, who knows what I’ll do next week, but like I said, so far, I’m enjoying everything that has to offer about university and all.



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