Period panties

About almost a month ago I bought a pair of period panties from Harebrained, and the specific type of underwear I got was Redpool (a joke version of Deadpool, one of my favourite Marvel heroes. Because of crazy shipping and the cost of the underwear. I found a local (local enough that they were two states over but still, local) online store named Beserk that sold the same underwear. Using conversion, the period panties alone from Harebrained would be $15.64, so they’re still .36 cents cheaper, but putting in shipping cost $7.50, so all together it’s $19.50 USD which is $25.41 which isn’t too bad, but I prefer to buy from the Australian brand, now onto the review.

Harebrained started out as a Kickstarter by a guy named Anthony Hall, who spoke to his girlfriend about being on a period and such, and they obviously did well enough that they have their own store and everything. As I did some Googling I found out that these period panties are for when you want to tell people “yo it’s my time of the month” and not as a replacement of pads/tampons, and I’m an idiot because that’s what I thought they were, so either I’m an idiot and didn’t read anything or they should totally advertise “hey this isn’t a replacement for pads/tampons”  and so I had been wearing them as replacement of my pads, so continue on with this review not reading this bit.

If you want period panties that actually do what they say (replace them) you can use She Thinx, though I’m not a huge fan of how it’s marketed towards cis women because not every woman bleeds there’s also another brand called Padkix which was featured in a Buzzfeed video and again this company feels like it markets towards cis women (especially since the women in the Buzzfeed video are cis women too), also why did they have to cut up’s the pad, you know women would need that! For any Australians, I did find this brand called Modibodi, they have big enough sizes that I can wear but they too seem to cater towards cis women. There is a brand titled Lunapads for trans men and non-binary folks but they are quite expensive, but to be fair for USD $62.95 (which looks to be the cheaper inserts) you get six inserts which are nice, there are thongs, boxer briefs and regular briefs too.

First thing first, my periods are 4 days long (3 if I’m lucky) and they don’t get heavy but I do have to take the pill so my periods can become regular enough compared to if I’m off it. This might not help other people out like if you always had heavy periods for 7 days these aren’t the things for you (you’d have to have like a tampon or something but even then it wouldn’t be the best), and even so my periods are light to medium (during the middle it’s medium). Periods are different for different people and if you want to give these a shot, I recommend it. For myself (and this might be a medical problem I have to see someone about it), I get quite itchy using pads a lot and personally not a huge fan of tampons so this was a great opportunity to try them out!

I picked a size 3xl (that’s the biggest they go) so I was a bit worried they wouldn’t fit, but when I tried them on they were perfect, though I do have to mention they were tight so either they’re tight so the blood doesn’t spurt out and they have a black insole that you usually find in women’s underwear but it goes right up to the front which is nice compared to usual underwear which is only at the crotch area (and when I put my pad around there I have to place it higher because mine doesn’t always pool at the same spot. but it felt really cool and awesome.

Last week I was able to finally use it, and usually, my period starts off with cleaning out the old blood so I decided to wear these (again, this was when I thought they were a replacement of pads/tampons), I wore these overnight too and I was fine, there was a bit of like top layer gunk but that was to be expected, and then the Friday my period came through and I had nothing on that day so I lazed around, I didn’t wear it Saturday or Sunday (I worked Saturday) because I needed to clean them and one of my pants go blood on it (I simply washed it out with cold water, put it in the wash and it’s like nothing happened) and I wore a pad.

Monday I was lightening up and coming to an end (and my period does an annoying thing where it goes “HEY I’M NOT BLEEDING!” but then a few hours later it goes “lmao jk” so I always wear a pad that day just in case, but it’s the worst I tell you. So that day I saw La La Land (mini review, it was really good and sweet but the ending was predictable) and then I had work later that night and even though at the time I thought they were a replacement obviously my vagina didn’t hate me enough to obliterate the underwear and my pants so they were good enough to go through work.

All in all, they’re really good as a pair of underwear, and if you have a light af period like me you can use them as replacements, but I feel like they should advertise (or make it bigger) hey these aren’t replacements or they should totally invest in absorbent liners products which would be nice, to be honest, but I’ll still use them as regular underwear too because the design is great!



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