2017 Resolutions

Here’s your usual “a year in review” blog post, last year I made one titled 2015, a year in review, it was a blog entry speaking about my 2014 resolutions and then my 2016 resolutions which guess what = I’ll review them and see if I did it and I’ll talk about my 2017 ones. Some people might find them stupid, and even I was one of them, but in a way I like to see Jan 1st as a ‘new day/new year’ you know the whole ‘new year, new me’ which I’m going to be the same person, let’s be real, but in a way to change how I want to perceive myself. So let’s get on with it.

First, let’s start with the 2016 list!

  1. Re-learn Italian (+ some French).
    I learned Italian and then stopped after a few days… so that’s how it turned out.
  2. Learn to edit audio/work on my podcast.
    My podcast ended because everyone was so busy doing stuff, which sucks but you know we did it. I did end up editing one which the main editor said was good so I was quite proud of myself.
  3. Write more stories/blog posts.
    So I didn’t write as many stories as I wanted, but I did win Nanowrimo which I was never able to do before, so that’s a thing. As for blog entries I did as much as I could, I mean it’s not like I didn’t write entries but I didn’t write every week (I try to write every Wednesday my time, but you know… today is Thursday, so.)
  4. Binge watch more movies/TV.
    I watched a lot of Netflix and I did watch a lot of movies, I even saw two movies in a day (saw Rogue One and Moana on Tuesday – I enjoyed both movies, 10/10 go see).
  5. Be with friends more.
    If I was invited out I’d go but sometimes I literally didn’t go because I was sick. But I had been planning day dates with friends which is good.
  6. Save money!
    I only started doing this in around November or so of this year, so I didn’t do saving but I’m hoping to continue that through to 2017.
  7. Read more / game more.
    Reading was so so, not as much as I’d love to but I did finish some books. As for gaming I’d say I did enough that I could, I’m playing more PC games and I’ve been playing through Fallout 4 when I visit my boyfriend, though I’m hoping next year I can get a small TV so I can set up my 360 in my bedroom and then eventually buy a PS4.
  8. Focus on me.
    Yes and no, I focused on me but I’m always going to try and make other’s happy.
  9. Find a job + move out + get a nose piercing.
    I found a job by end of November so I can tick that off (well it’s still trial at the moment but it’s still a job I guess), I haven’t moved out yet, but that’s nothing major and I still haven’t gotten a nose piercing…
  10. Be happy.
    I’d say I’m happy, depression hit throughout but you know, what’s new.

I think overall I had a good 2016, aside from the suckiness of amazing people dying (esp. Carrie Fisher recently, like fuck man, I wasn’t ready for that!), but the ending of 2016 was better then I thought, like getting accepted into University (my dream one) and getting a job (somewhat ha). But also being able to celebrate 1 year with my partner, being able to gain a better relationship with my dad and stepmum (I even call her my stepmum, that’s how better it is honestly), and being able to graduate. The year of 2016 wasn’t the best, but it sure wasn’t shit in my own personal life, compared to the politics of the world and the celebrities it sure did fucking suck. But here’s to 2017, and my resolutions.

  1. Learn Italian.
    Yes this is still on the list, I’ve started a bit early and wrote down my goals (like say a sentence in Italian and such), and also I’m writing down every new word and such and I’m still using Duolingo!
  2. Complete first year of Uni.
    Do everything needed to complete, I want to get the best scores and such and just do my best, but also have fun with uni.
  3. Move out.
    Realistically this might not happen, however; it’s still something I want to try to achieve or at least close to achieving next year.
  4. Save money.
    I’ve begun doing it this year near the end, so I want to be able to continue it, I’m wanting to save up for some driving lessons (my mum gave me 5 lessons for Christmas which I’m happy about), so while I’m getting my lessons from the 5 I can save up for more and so on and so forth. At the moment I’m saving $20 each fortnight but with every time I get paid from work I’ll put in an extra $20 or $40, though during the Christmas period I hadn’t been able to because well Christmas, but I’m hoping I can save money and move out or get a car or something.
  5. Get P’s and/or a car.
    This relates to no. 4, but getting my P’s and a car would help a lot, especially since I don’t see my partner as often as I’d like to so if I get a car or something I’ll be able to see him!
  6. Read more.
    I have so many books in my bookshelf that I’ve hardly read, so reading a book at least once a month would be good!
  7. Write more.
    Short stories, blog entries, big novels, anything and everything honestly. I want to write and since I’m doing my writer’s course for the next three years, I’ll be able to achieve that.
  8. Be a size 20 – 18.
    Most people don’t like to share their size on the Internet, and myself being one of them, and in that 2015 entry I spoke about how I don’t lose weight and it’s difficult, but this year I had been losing weight, I fluctuate a lot, but if I apply myself more in 2017 it’d be nice. And ideally I can’t see myself as stick thin, so being a size 20 or 18 is my ideal range, it’d be nice to be a 14, but I don’t see it honestly.
  9. Watch more.
    Whether that’s movies or TV shows, I have a lot in my backlog, so I’m hoping I can at least watch Mr Robot season 1 before the end of Feb next year (seriously so much stuff to watch).
  10. Focus on me.
    Again, I put it on my list and sure, maybe I shouldn’t have, but I think focusing on me includes not only thinking about me but also thinking about my mental health and thinking about my physical health and what I’m doing.

That’s my big list, I’m obviously going to review this in 2017, see what I can change, but I’m honestly excited for the new year and see what it throws at me, especially with uni. I hope Christmas brought you happiness, like I said from mum I got driving lessons among other small things, she got me a book on David Bowie quotes which I really love, and the Fantastic Beasts screenplay with a cute little bookmark, and from dad and his side of the family I got a small laptop for uni and that’s the only thing I got and I don’t care because it’s the only thing I asked for, I mean I did say “if there’s any money left over you can just give me cash but I don’t mind” because I have a laptop I use mainly at home, but whenever I take it to the library it’s such a difficult thing to haul about and such, so I asked for something lighter, and it’s good.

What’re your resolutions? Is it to lose weight and eat healthier, maybe it’s to put on weight, or maybe it’s just being a good person, whatever it is I’d love to hear it! See you all in the New Year~



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