Language changes

The one thing that has always fascinated me by most standards is the evolution of language in not only my personal life but in the lives of many people. I think from my own evolution of language at least with the Internet is that I used to use short language ‘u/r/ppl/etc’ you know that text language when I was between 8 – 13, roughly when I was maybe 13 till about 18 I would turn my head up against text language “use the word you, not u” I found it absolutely stupid people wouldn’t use the correct word.

My language now at 21 is very different and it’s honestly a mix, when I’m writing something out to people I use capital letters, proper punctuation and grammar, correct spelling, you get the drill, but if I’m talking to someone I know very well I’ll use chat speak (not often but if I’m lazy you know?), I’ll say iunno instead of I don’t know and I’ll use lower case. But it’s interesting in that it depends on who I talk to and how I change with that, when I’m talking to people I work with or when I’m serving customers (I guess a life update is I have a trial shift for work but I’m not too sure if it’s official work since I have shifts in mid-January) I talk politely, ask them how they are etc.

When I’m talking to friends I’m polite enough but I drop in slang, I say certain words I wouldn’t say to a customer, etc. Honestly, evolutionary linguistics is interesting and if I had to choose something scientific to study that would be my choice. But it’s interesting in that language from twenty years ago is different to language today, heck, language five or ten years ago is so different to language today. It certainly becomes something you want to think about.

Though my reasoning for posting this blog entry is one-word people don’t like to use and it bugs me, it’s the word they. People like to stick to “but they is plural and not a singular pronoun”, now for anyone playing at home; I’m genderqueer, I like they as a pronoun, like “[talking about me] … yeah, they’re studying creative writing” instead of “[talking about me] … yeah, she’s studying creative writing” like sure if you have to use she, fine, but I’d honestly prefer they. Now people like to stand behind that whole they are plural, but they have been a singular pronoun for YEARS! and it’s amazing and mind boggling that people are against using it.

“I went to the doctor and they said…” people have used they as a singular pronoun for years and years, and in that sentence people use it regarding someone, Wikipedia has many other examples that people use in their everyday life. On the Oxford Dictionary website regarding ‘he or she’ versus ‘they’, it says “In fact, the use of plural pronouns to refer back to a singular subject isn’t new: it represents a revival of a practice dating from the 16th century.” Wikipedia even gives examples in history when it’s been used.

So maybe it’s just me getting sick of it, but honestly, people need to get over it and stop trying to think that ‘they’ is offensive, I want you to use it, please for the love of God use they in regards to me. The English language changes and sometimes it doesn’t, but they has been the correct grammar for years now and it’s not recently that they are used as a singular pronoun. I should stop getting so angry about this, but I can’t help it, my pronoun should be respected and I don’t care if you’re uncomfortable about it, it makes me uncomfortable when you use she instead of they.



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