Bragging rights

I have two things to brag about if you will, both of them are achievements that I never thought I’d complete but hey look at where we are now~ though first off the idea of bragging rights sure is interesting, the fact that there are definitions of this term that doesn’t really need a definition like it does? Maybe that’s my own opinion on it, and maybe it doesn’t make too much sense but bragging rights as a phrase or a sentence are just so interesting to me in some silly way. Maybe this is a weird way to open up a blog post, but this blog is generally about me and my life so… Okay onto the bragging~

The first on my ‘bragging rights’ list (a list of two things, I wouldn’t consider it a list but okay whatever) is that I got into the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology or known as RMIT University. It’s the university that I wanted to go to since 2012 (I was in year 11 when we had to think about University and all), I got in on a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. I first applied for the course in 2013 when I was finishing my last year of high school but I obviously didn’t get in, eventually getting into a TAFE (and this is where that blog comes from) and two other courses that got me a certificate IV and a diploma out of which is good, I enjoyed the courses I did meet amazing people, but Creative Writing is what I want to do, Writing is what I want to do.

I’m excited, I have two friends who are at RMIT and one of them I’m a bit closer to so she’s going to show me around and I’ll be able to hang out with her more often and such it’ll be great. I’ve already signed up for my classes, though I’m annoyed I couldn’t do one of them which is Writing for Video Games which you’d think “oh they’re doing a writers course, they can write for video games!” that is where you are wrong my friend. Because I’m not doing a games design course (like my friend) I can’t take it, which, just, sigh. So other than that I’ve picked out my classes and I’m quite excited for them.
Semester one includes:- Creative Writing: Foundations (Core subject about the groundwork on skills regarding to writing and being creative writers), Pop Culture in Everyday Life (Elective about Popular Culture and the history of it), Features & Storytelling (Elective about how to plan, research and write in certain styles of journalism), Introductions to Cinema Studies (Elective about reading cinema and analysing specific films).
Semester two includes:- Creative Writing: Craft (Core subject about the exploring different forms of creative writing), Short Story Writing (Elective about how to write short stories… kind of self-explanatory), Politics Communicated (Elective about politics and the communication and power that comes from it), Popular Cinema (Elective about cinema and it’s relation to pop culture and popular cinema throughout history).

So that’s my first year, learning about what they did in previous year sure is… interesting. But in all seriousness, I’m actually really excited to start this and to do it because it’s something that I want to do and I’ve missed writing for class and everything so this should be good for me in the end.

The second thing is that I WON NANOWRIMO 2016!!! All the celebratory gifs~ This is my first year winning Nanowrimo and it definitely was a struggle, I was in struggle town population: me. But in all seriousness, I finished this competition and I’m so happy about everything. I haven’t finished writing my novel, but I can’t wait to edit it and eventually publish it. But I can’t believe I won, it’s so odd. I’m super proud of what I have accomplished with this because I won, whoa~. Now to play some Pokemon Moon!



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