Being an adult

Being an adult sucks. Okay, sure, maybe like little bits here there are good, I don’t have to ask my parents if I can go somewhere (though in all honestly I still do sometimes, but recently it’s not been as bad), I can drink alcohol on a Tuesday night if I want, I can drink alcohol period is nice, I believe I’ve matured enough to be able to take on both side of an argument (though I’ve always been motherly as I’ve had to grow up fast), my opinion is valued… sometimes, I guess being 21 people still see you as a kid.

Maybe I just miss high school? My sister currently is taking her year 12 exams now, and it just makes me want to go back. Not in the sense that “high school are your best years”, screw my teen years, it was muddled with puberty, confused sexuality and gender orientation, no one wanted to date me, I didn’t have a job (I still don’t have a job, but today I have an interview so hopefully, this is my last one~). But I miss the whole being able to see your friends easily, now you have to organise around work, uni, relationships, etc. Before it was organising maybe around work, but school was 9 – 3:30, you could say “hey want to come over this weekend?” and you or the person you’re asking would say “sure!” and that was it.

Though with everything there comes perks and non-perks (what’s the opposite of perk? is telling me it’s loss, okay?), no matter the option, even with simple things of “should I have cereal for breakfast, or eggs?” what’s the pros and cons of each, balance, yin and yang, everything comes with some sort of perk and loss. Though maybe being an adult is better than being a child, I’m not being treated like I’m an idiot so there’s that, as well as I can eat whatever I want (though I guess that comes with consequences, man you should see my lolly jar for Nanowrimo, I’m actually keeping it good and eating at every 1k word, at the moment I’m at 2,566, I’m gonna write more after this entry).

I might be thinking about this all wrong. I might be thinking about this all right. Who knows, but I sure do know that having a balance of child-like attributes but being an adult is a good balance. You’re damn right I still watch cartoons and play video games while I budget and go on dates (okay not all at the same time, but staying in bed and watching cartoons or playing video games would be nice…), because you don’t always have to grow up and instantly know how to do taxes. That’s what I remember telling dad, he was always complaining about me being 18 and how I had to act like an adult, though then again I was a bit of an arsehole when I was 18. People and things change, and I’ve come to terms with it. Hey, I found another perk of being an adult, understanding when things change, good one.



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