Bragging rights

I have two things to brag about if you will, both of them are achievements that I never thought I’d complete but hey look at where we are now~ though first off the idea of bragging rights sure is interesting, the fact that there are definitions of this term that doesn’t really need a definition like it does? Maybe that’s my own opinion on it, and maybe it doesn’t make too much sense but bragging rights as a phrase or a sentence are just so interesting to me in some silly way. Maybe this is a weird way to open up a blog post, but this blog is generally about me and my life so… Okay onto the bragging~

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Nanowrimo week 3

I didn’t post last week because I was busy writing, and by busy writing I mean I avoided posting, and also I was busy writing. But today is day 16 and I’m at 34,062 words (past day 20 but 938 words from day 21’s word count). The thing is, I’m proud of myself, I’ve written more in my 2016 novel compared to my 2015, 2014, 2009 and 2008 novels. 2015 novel came to 17,284 at day 18 (word count for that day is 30k), 2014 novel came to 20,762 at day 22 (word count for that day is 33,333), 2009 came to 66 words not too sure at what day and 2008 came to 57 words also not too sure at what day.

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Being an adult

Being an adult sucks. Okay, sure, maybe like little bits here there are good, I don’t have to ask my parents if I can go somewhere (though in all honestly I still do sometimes, but recently it’s not been as bad), I can drink alcohol on a Tuesday night if I want, I can drink alcohol period is nice, I believe I’ve matured enough to be able to take on both side of an argument (though I’ve always been motherly as I’ve had to grow up fast), my opinion is valued… sometimes, I guess being 21 people still see you as a kid.

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