NaNoWriMo and Bullet Journals

I talk about NaNoWriMo a lot (sometimes I’ll just write it as Nano or Nanowrimo because of #effort), I have three posts about it on my blog, with one written two months ago. I’m eating that stuff up when it comes to blogs about Nano and YouTube videos (seriously, when you search Nanowrimo on YouTube from my account, all of the videos are deemed watched, even if they’re from 5 years ago, I might learn something useful from them).

I just love Nano, well okay I love the build up, during Nano it’s frantic (especially since I might be going to school next year for creative writing, might be because I haven’t heard back and this is usually exam period eep~), but I’ve been able to use a lot of my resources in learning and furthering my understanding of my novel and such. Since my last blog entry, I was able to come up with something, and actually use a bit of what was used.

  • Communism (I like the idea, sue me)
    I have a character in the novel who was born in Soviet Russia so he’s a commie through and through.
  • Video games
    I have a character in the novel from the future who played a VR game much like Sword Art Online (I’m currently watching this and oh God, it’s not bad, it’s just, not good).
  • For every 10k word is a short story (even if short stories are under 7,500 words, it’s more of a novelette but eh) and then the last 10k that makes up 50k connects the whole thing together!
    I’m sort of doing this, so far my novel has 5 chapters with 5 parts in each, each chapter should go for 10k but who knows what’ll happen.
  • Stranger Things
    I guess??? I mean my novel is a fantasy / paranormal thing and it’s a bit creepy, but nothing Stranger Things vibe.

I should probably tell you all what I’m working on; well, it’s kind of hard to explain but this is the synopsis on the Nanowrimo website “Purgatory is different for most people and religions. But four people from different times all encounter what the place really is, as they slowly trickle in, one by one, they discover the town slowly and learn about death, mortality and what it means to be truly human.”

This comes to the other thing in the title, Bullet Journal. I’ve been on and off with my bullet journal but at the moment it’s on, maybe it’s because I’ve changed my bullets from daily to weekly (you’ll see that in a tic). I’ve already set out November’s spread and put in a bit for Nanowrimo, word counts for that day and word count goals.


I have the daily word count, actual word count, total goal and actual goal (and oops actual got cut off even though I planned it out, but hey I can try to fit five numbers in there). I felt like I needed something like this so I can see at each day what I had written just for that day alone, and then what my total score would be (so I have not only the Nano website but also my Bullet Journal).


Next page is my progress tracker by 1000s since it’s a lot easier to understand how far I’ve progressed since I’m going to colour in each one once I’ve reached that thousand mark, as well as with each 1000 my Boyfriend gives me a workout to do (maybe it’s putting isult to injury, but hey, you’ve been sitting on your butt for God knows how long, you gotta get up and stretch). At every 500, he’ll give me 3 kisses, though that one will be saved because he doesn’t see me every day (I know, cheesy, but hey, kissing is still an exercise).


Sorry for the bleed through, I need to buy a new black pen, my Staedtler black ran out so I’ve been using this fatter one, which is nice, but not nice when you want to write. Okay, this is my weekly spread, I’ve got a few things in there that aren’t related to writing, but hey you can see I do job seeking on Monday, but anyways, so I’ve put down every day to write, I mean isn’t that what Nanowrimo is about? I also have a tracker in the corner that tracks habits I need to start doing (okay maybe gaming isn’t a habit but I’m only doing that because I don’t play video games as much as I want to) and in that is writing. Hopefully, with my bullet journal it’ll help me write.

I’ve joined a Nanowrimo/Bullet Journal Facebook group and a lot of people post their blog entries on there about Nano and Bullet Journaling and well, if you’re in that group and you’re reading this, you probably found it there. But I’m going to include some blogs that have spoken about Nano and BuJo’s from there and also not from there.

  • BuJoLit‘s NaNo Prep, talking about Rachel Stephen’s (I follow her Prep_tober stuff and I love her videos) videos and Prep_tober Twitter account, and also spoke about timing, which is interesting because I usually fall flat on Nov 10 (funnily enough my sister’s birthday), but luckily November isn’t a busy month for me and I’m Australian so no Thanksgiving.
  • Bohoberry‘s NaNoWriMo Bullet Journal, but she also has another one on NaNoWriMo Prep which is awesome. Boho is one of the staples of BuJo stuff, and in hers; she shows you all of the Nano planning in her BuJo, I kind of wish I had a seperate journal for nanowrimo stuff, but I prefer to plan and everything electronically, I did pick up a Deadpool journal late last month to write down anything if I can’t get to a computer.
  • Tiny Ray of Sunshine‘s Nano Resources was helpful (and where I got help with a lot of my Nano BuJo stuff. Even though it was created last year, it’s still something useful (I mean I speak of watching YouTube videos older then 5 years), but I like how she took some Instagram photos and one is in excel, I might nab that for myself to have it electronically.
  • Page Flutter‘s How To Dominate Nanowrimo is about, well, how to dominate the month! Using her bullet journal to help her, but I like that she mentions that basically where ever you decide to document your Nanowrimo things is up to you, I’m only using my Bullet Journal because like I said I like to electronically do things.

There’s so many more, they were only a few I’ve really looked at, I love the videos on YouTube, so give them a look as well if you want, and also go join Nanowrimo Bullet Journaling group on Facebook, there’s so many more things in there and the people are lovely, good luck with Nanowrimo if you’re doing it, and friend me on the nano website, I can’t wait to cheer you on and hopefully I read your stories in the future.



2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo and Bullet Journals

  1. pageflutter says:

    Hi, Melissa! Thanks for mentioning me in your post. Your progress tracker looks awesome; I would get so much joy from coloring in those boxes. Happy NaNoWriMo and good luck!

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