Life Without a Phone

         I lived without a phone for two days, and it was hell. Okay, I’m not justifying the whole ‘millennials can’t live without the phone‘ trope, but hear me out for a second okay? Sure, millennials like their technology, and why not, it’s new and interesting and we can get jobs out of it (i.e. coding, graphic design, heck even writing!). I guess this whole thing links with my previous blog entry of Modern Romance.

          I killed my phone, it was a Samsung Note 3 I got from a friend, and I dropped it in the toilet like an idiot. So there was a day or two where I was in a limbo, where sure I had my laptop and my 3DS and other technology, but without my phone felt… weird. And no one can really crticise me, because everyone needs a phone, whether it’s to find out what your favourite celebrities are doing on Snapchat, or calling your reletives who live in another area.

          It just killed me because I couldn’t use my phone to call my partner. We were able to get around that and use Discord to call (an app like Skype but specifically for gaming, and it’s a lot better then Skype imho). So it’s not like I was disconected from society, but it sure as hell felt weird without one? This is all just thoughts and opinions at the moment, and I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions on the mattter.

          Everything is cool now, I have a new phone (of course the 8gb of storage sucks though), but I can’t explain how it felt not to have a phone. I was able to use my sister’s old phone for a week or so until my new one shipped out, but just a weird limbo of not having a phone but still connected to technology sure is weird. I don’t have much else to say on the matter really. I downloaded Facebook onto my new phone and I realised I used it way too much, and I hated that. I honestly don’t use Facebook as much because I don’t like it? Like I’ve said previously, I use messenger more then Facebook, and I like it.

          Technology sure is weird, the thought that only ten years I was 11 and I didn’t have a phone (wasn’t allowed one so my parents gave me a good old Nokia phone when I was 13, it was like pink), and now I’m addicted to technology (maybe not addicted, use it a lot?), but times have changed, a majority of my friends take more then 1 hr to see, they’re all over the world; and I’d honestly prefer that then to have a worldview that’s basic and boring. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m not seeing it in another eye, but technology sure has changed fast ever since I was a kid.



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