NaNoWriMo and Bullet Journals

I talk about NaNoWriMo a lot (sometimes I’ll just write it as Nano or Nanowrimo because of #effort), I have three posts about it on my blog, with one written two months ago. I’m eating that stuff up when it comes to blogs about Nano and YouTube videos (seriously, when you search Nanowrimo on YouTube from my account, all of the videos are deemed watched, even if they’re from 5 years ago, I might learn something useful from them).

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Life Without a Phone

         I lived without a phone for two days, and it was hell. Okay, I’m not justifying the whole ‘millennials can’t live without the phone‘ trope, but hear me out for a second okay? Sure, millennials like their technology, and why not, it’s new and interesting and we can get jobs out of it (i.e. coding, graphic design, heck even writing!). I guess this whole thing links with my previous blog entry of Modern Romance.

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