I love writing, I mean, okay, I have this blog so I can write so that doesn’t make any sense, but that’s not the point of this blog entry. The point of this blog entry is to talk about NaNoWriMo! Because hey I did that last year and I even wrote a blog entry about it (two actually, but I’ll link 2015’s version). 

          2015 I didn’t win either, I think I just rolled out of steam, and okay I know it’s August/September (it’s August 31st right now) so obviously I have like two months to plan for what my story is (and I have no idea, I have ideas but I’d like a story you know?) but maybe I want to plan now, get some ideas flowing! I know that I’m doing it this year and I want to win, I want to win NaNoWriMo, maybe I should’ve done Camp NaNoWriMo, because I kind of have one idea but I’m not too sure how that’ll run with the current ideal I guess.

          But the forums will help me out, though okay so here are my ideas:

  • Communism (I like the idea, sue me)
  • Zodiacs / Zodiac signs
  • Video games
  • For every 10k word is a short story (even if short stories are under 7,500 words, it’s more of a novelette but eh) and then the last 10k that makes up 50k connects the whole thing together!
  • Stranger Things

          That last one is because I’ve been in a real Stranger Things kick (currently listening to the OST on Spotify because they finally brought that up!) and I wrote a fanfic about barb last night, so of course I’d want to write something Stranger Things like, man that synth.

          Maybe I should plan out how I’m going with money for the bf’s birthday and so on and go from there. Maybe his birthday will give me inspiration, I did jokingly tell him I’ll write him as a James Bond spy (just without the sexism). I swear, I have a wild imagination, until I can’t think of anything to write for nano. Oh well. It’ll get here soon! I hope.



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