Modern Romance

    Romance has changed, especially due to the fact that social media has become something evident in all of our lives, especially as a young person it’s very… daunting almost. I remember growing up as a teenager, having a boyfriend was everything, it was ridiculous to how it tortured me in the end, when I turned 18 I joined OkCupid and weren’t they most interesting moments of my life, and don’t get me started on Tinder

          I wouldn’t say romance in relation to social media has gotten worse, it’s just adapted. I mean sure, if your relationship is crumbling because of social media, then maybe it’s time to see someone about it (especially if the Internet or social media has consumed you enough to become addicted). When it comes to people like myself in long distance relationships, social media helps us. Especially with me, I get to use Facebook messenger to talk to him every day and we’re able to call one another to ask about our days when I’m not there with him.

        Being able to send him photos of whatever is happening during my day, or funny things that happens, even recently just showing him Pokemon I was able to catch. Romance between us is still alive and well, we kiss like we mean it, we go on dates that are a movie and dinner (of course this is the ‘first date’ or the common date but oh well), I get nervous whenever I don’t see him for a while, I write stupid love letters to him and send it, I miss him like crazy when I don’t see him sometimes, it’s still a romance even if it’s in the modern world filled with technology.

       The one thing I don’t understand about dating is especially when people act like everyone born between 1985 – 1995 (or even later to like ’97 or ’98) all they want to do is meet people to have sex with and then rinse and repeat. Maybe it’s because I’m old classic lover? I like to send my boyfriend cute messages of ‘I love you’ and ‘I can’t wait till we grow old and grey’. I know there are people out there who want a one night stand, and to be fair, they’re allowed to have that, but I find it unfair to think of our generation as the only one who does that. I’m sure people from my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on and so forth had one night stands, had friends with benefits, hell there were probably a few polyamours person too!

          Modern romance sure is something else, I mean in some ways it makes things difficult meeting people in situations like at a bar, or a park, or even a friend’s party. But there are people who meet their partners offline, I mean I sure did (okay it doesn’t help that it was because of a Facebook group, but let’s ignore that part), I have friends who met their significant other at University, clubs, random encounters, etc. We’re not a mindless drone generation just swiping for attention. Maybe that’s what annoys me about previous generations.

          Previous generations pride on the fact that they met their partner offline, but what good is that? I mean sure it helps with seeing them a lot (I see my boyfriend once every week or two), but even not just with partners, meeting friends in general. I have so many different friends all over the world and I know so much about America, England, Sweden, heck even parts of Australia I don’t live in. Because honestly, if your only friends are made offline, that’s kind of boring isn’t it? To not engage yourself with people all over.

          Sure, romance in the 21st century is different, but you can still keep it alive without needing a dumb blog post written by some weirdo. Send love letters! Honestly, your partner will appreciate it, I sent mine one and he loves it, you can be as corny as you want or not, the worst bit is waiting and keeping it a surprise (I’m terrible with surprises). Even if you can’t send them physical letters, sending them a text saying how much you appreciate them is as amazing. Taking them cute places, even having ‘no phone’ nights if you really want to.

          I guess I just have a problem with people saying technology has ruined us. It hasn’t, our willingness to make things commit is the problem. We can’t commit to one phone for more then 2 years, how are we able to commit to one person for that long or longer? I certainly believe that it takes two people to make it work, or as the saying goes – it takes two to tango – but I said it better because it makes sense. Romance is easy, having sex is easy, just being there for someone is easy; but when you care about that person is another story and you gotta make it work. No matter how many fights I’ll have with my boyfriend, I sure as hell know I still want him to call me at the end of the day with me saying hi and him saying “hello buttface” (because that’s an appropriate term to call your girlfriend… *cough*).

          Hey so it’s been some time, I was writing a piece about ‘time’ and funnily enough, lost track of time and got bored of that piece. I don’t know what got me in the mood to write this, but hey it’s here. Anyways, so the usual updates: finished my course so I now have a diploma (how wicked is that???) so now I’m still unemployed looking for work so that’s fun, working as a volunteer at an op-shop, writing my roleplays, living life, you know how it is. goodbye


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