Libraries and the Cloud

          The cloud is a genious idea, with what you can put online and be able to recieve it on another device is helpful for those who work on the road (like myself when I want to write a story on Google Docs or Dropbox if I’m away from my computer). Libraries will tend to rely on the cloud sometimes, especially as they become more modern and keep up to date with the current technology. Reading the abstract of Shifting to the Cloud: Reshaping Library Technology Infrastructure by Marshall Breeding, spoke about the cloud and libraries and how much it has evolved into something much more.

          Over the years society and their relationships has changed with transportation of documents. we had floppy disks, CDs, USB and now it’s more cloud based. Breeding comments, “this change from local to cloud computing has interesting implications for many aspects of a library’s technology strategy,” which I think is interesting due to the fact that our technology has changed at a fast rate, floppy discs were introduced in 1971, with them discounted around 2009; USBs were invented/introduced in the mid ’90s and they’re still popular and evolving today.

          In relation to libraries, Breeding talks about how busy libraries are how cloud computing is important so that librarians can deal with other things and not have to deal with other less important things. The article is well written and it showcases the thoughts and opinions that libraries have on cloud and cloud based products and how important it is to keep up to date with the technology of cloud like products.


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