The Future of LMS

          On the topic of Library Management Systems (something I’ve spoken about before, right here), the question is what is the future of said systems. A lot of libraries are rethinking their management systems and they’re trying to shape it into the 21st century, with a lot of libraries looking at how they can work along with modern technology (with some libraries offering free wifi, borrowing a tablet while in the library, using computers, allowing to bring their own computers, etc.) and provide their users with the best. Libraries are transitioning from older models to more current new ones.

          Throughout the current fast pace change in technology, libraries have gone with it; using things like: cloud based systems, increased integration and open-sourced LMS (Library Management Systems). The LMS don’t have as much functionality as it would. and that doesn’t offer a lot to the library’s clients. As for what I think, libraries should evolve with their clients and they should change with the wind per se.

          If you look online there are multiple thought pieces on the future of LMS, most libraries I go to nowadays are with technology and is with the future, some might not be able to have the upgrades they can do, but they still try their best to please their clients and when it all comes down to it the future should be to look at the clients and what they want, what they offer.



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