Discovery Search Layer

          You’re probably thinking “Melissa, what’s a discovery search layer?” or something along the words, who knows I don’t speak for you. But I’m here to tell you what it is, because I have to… ah, the wonders of school blogs. So, what is a ‘discovery search layer’, it’s essentially a normal search system that patrons can use while searching, but it provides additional searches to obtain the thing they really need.

          There are multiple Discovery Search Layer companies who offer the format, they’re all different in their own ways too. Discovery offers a simple search, somewhat like Google. For people who use a discovery search layer, they might think things differently and want one thing compared to another thing. Mr. Library Dude wrote a blog entry titled ‘Stop Thinking Like a Librarian (or how I started Liking Discovery Layers)‘ is an interesting entry on the matter, and we get to see Discovery Layers from a Librarian’s point of view on Discovery Searches rather then a student.

          Mr. Library Dude (or Joe Hardenbrook as it says on his twitter), talks about the Discovery Search Layer, and how it’s much different to the search system that he’s used to. To not think so much like a librarian and a student, or someone randomly using the searching system. He created a guide on what tool to use as a student with the library he works at. Overall the patron / client is number 1 when looking at search system where not to look at everything as a librarian, where your patrons are the one that will use this mostly use this and find it viable. You need good information that you can use and obtain and deliver it to your patrons.



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