I’m a fetish.

Adipophilia: A sexual attraction to overweight or obese people.

          Hi, I’m Melissa and I’m… fat. I’m not saying that to try and put myself down, I have fat on my body and have been fat for more than 10 years (turning 21 this year so you work out the maths). Now I would say I’m very sex positive, I like to remind people to be safe, to communicate with their partner (whether they’re a continuous partner, a one night stand, etc.), to be safe when meeting a new partner (Erika Moen made a comic about sex positive here, which I think is important to read!). I’m also kink friendly, but this time I’m not and maybe I’m a bad sex positive person to say I don’t like the idea of a fat fetish, I also don’t like the idea of straight men being sexually attracted to women who like women.

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The Future of LMS

          On the topic of Library Management Systems (something I’ve spoken about before, right here), the question is what is the future of said systems. A lot of libraries are rethinking their management systems and they’re trying to shape it into the 21st century, with a lot of libraries looking at how they can work along with modern technology (with some libraries offering free wifi, borrowing a tablet while in the library, using computers, allowing to bring their own computers, etc.) and provide their users with the best. Libraries are transitioning from older models to more current new ones.

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RFID Tags and their relationships to libraries

         RFID tags is really something I only learnt last week, which is interesting enough to myself because I’ve seen them a lot. RFID tags look like this, or at least that’s the one I know I’ve seen but RFID tags can also look like this, that’s an RFID tag next to a grain of rice (spoilers for people who looked at the image and not clicked on the link. I always wondered, whenever I went to a library they have self-service borrowing stations (I think they implemented this because of the traffic to the borrowing desk, but most libraries I’ve visited at least has one of these stations; so whenever I went into a library, got some books to look at to borrow I would go up to these stations and borrow and it’d borrow them all in a zap. Thank you whoever invited these, because you at least made my anxiety, moderately calm.

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Women supporting women

          I thought I would split up the school blog entries with my own thought on something, and that’s the idea of ‘women supporting women’, recently was International Women’s Day (which, yes, there is an International Men’s Day, it’s November 19th and it’s something that’s only Googled on International Women’s Day). I am a feminist, I believe in intersectional feminism, I believe that every women no matter the colour of their skin, their gender, sexuality, interests, education etc, is amazing. However, I will not support women who hate other women, or who try to put down women.

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Discovery Search Layer

          You’re probably thinking “Melissa, what’s a discovery search layer?” or something along the words, who knows I don’t speak for you. But I’m here to tell you what it is, because I have to… ah, the wonders of school blogs. So, what is a ‘discovery search layer’, it’s essentially a normal search system that patrons can use while searching, but it provides additional searches to obtain the thing they really need.

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Library searches

          I have to use OPAC, also I have to catch up on blog post assignments too so this’ll be fun, and it’ll be fine. Everything will be okay! I am listening to my ambient sounds playlist on Spotify (it includes the tones of video game soundtracks, movie soundtracks and general ambient/non-words music), it’s great, give it a listen! Now onto pressing matters, like a libraries OPAC system.

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