2015, a year in review

          2015 was… an interesting year for me, I can say that much! It had its ups and downs and I’m so happy that it’s almost over. Only a few more days, only a few more days. You know how people are like “[insert the next year] will be my year”, well I mean, I guess 2015 was kind like that? I made new friends, I got a boyfriend (look I’m surprised as much as you are), I was able to do volunteer work and learn about the library industry, pass both a certificate and diploma (first half anyways) with flying colours. It’s been a pretty amazing year. Oh and on Christmas day I finally met my dad who I hadn’t spoken to in about a year and a half, yeah.

          I wrote a ‘New Years Resolutions 2015’ and put it next to my calendar. I didn’t look at it much, but I did when I could and it’s pretty interesting to see what I’m focused on then, to what I want in 2016. Or it’s just so interesting that my thoughts and opinions on things would change to now. A lot of the things on my 2015 Resolution I don’t think I achieved, well maybe just a tad.

  1. Take no shit.
    Eh, somewhat? I mean, there was no shit not to take, but I think I mant like don’t always be nice and put your foot down once in a while? Maybe, hopefully. Who knows.
  2. Make more YouTube videos.
    Haha, I know I didn’t do this.
  3. Write more.
    Again, eh, somewhat? I mean I began doing forum roleplay (yes I am more of a nerd then you thought) again, so I am writing more, but as in story wise? I only wrote for Nano and we all know how well that turned out.
  4. Watch more movies/TV shows.
    I don’t think I did much of either, but I do know that since dating Brad I’ve seen more movies this year then I have in the past year or two, so there’s that. As for tv shows? Kinda. I need a day in 2016 where I just sit down and binge watch.
  5. Be happier.
    I tried.
  6. Make an effort to hang with people.
    This one is kinda difficult, because the time my friends want to hang out I had class the next day, though usually when there was an opportunity to be around people I still did it. Or at least tried to work my way around it so I could still go.
  7. Do better for study.
    Well I did get like 7 high distinctions, 1 distinction and 2 credits, and I passed my cert iv, so I’d say I did pretty well.
  8. Save more money.
    I tried.
  9. Play more games, read more, blog more.
    I don’t think I did much during the first half but I finished Fallout 3 and I’m almost done with Fallout New Vegas (I won’t finish it this year… sigh), I didn’t reach much as I wanted to, I finished Fangirl (which I’ll give a review of), and I’m now reading On The Road – a Christmas present from my boyfriend. I didn’t blog things like this, it was more school things…
  10. Be more healthy.
    Iunno, I’d like to think I’ve made at least a little bit of effort.

          My list is an interesting one, ones that I don’t care about too much to be honest, like sure there’s a few I’ve carried onto my 2016 list but looking at this list now and it makes me realise that I really don’t care about this sort stuff (not the resolutions part, the list). I have goals that I know I won’t complete like ‘be more healthy’, it is literally difficult for me to lose weight. So I wrote a 2016 list of New Years Resolutions which have slightly changed from 2015, but I guess you’ll be the judge of that.

  1. Re-learn Italian (+ some French).
    I learnt Italian during year 7 and tried to pick it back up again in year 12 but the stress got to me and I stopped. I’ve never stopped loving Italian, so thanks to Duolingo I want to try and pick it back up again in 2016 and also try my hand at some French. Hopefully I won’t get the two mixed up, and now I can call my boyfriend sweet things, as well as silly things.
  2. Learn to edit audio / work on my podcast.
    I am on a podcast, The Roochat Podcast, and I pretty much do nothing but talk about my life and sit pretty; however, I do want to learn how to edit audio so that I can help out on the podcast and learn where to upload it and what not.
  3. Write more stores / blog posts.
    I want to get into the spirit of writing, even if it’s just roleplay characters or short stories, even fanfiction. I miss writing, and I like blog posts where I talk about anything and everything so I wish to blog more.
  4. Binge watch more movies/TV.
    Same as last year, but hey I don’t watch that much and since I’m only 2 days a week at class, I can binge!
  5. Be with friends more.
    I just feel like my anxiety gets the best of me so maybe I can try and do something to combat it and be around friends again.
  6. Save money!
    I need to do this for reason number 9. Now I’m sounding like a click bait article.
  7. Read more / game more.
    I need to get into the habit of reading, and I buy all these games and never complete it, it bugs me.
  8. Focus on me.
    2016 will be a selfish year, where I explore me and try to figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of my life.
  9. Find a job + move out + get a nose piercing.
    Okay that last one is there because I don’t have room and 11 New Years Resolutions look weird, but I need a job and I need to more out hopefully by 2016 or even mid 2017 will do.
  10. Be happy.
    Depression and anxiety suuuuuuuck!

          That’s the list for 2016, I’m kind of excited for the year and what it’ll bring to me and my surroundings. Hopefully my wishes come true, otherwise things are gonna be shitty. I wouldn’t say 2015 was a crap year, crap things happened, but so did so many amazing things! I’ve made so many memories this year, and hopefully next year will be better. See you all in the next year! c:



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