Christmas traditions

          I love Christmas, I’ve always loved Christmas and I don’t know why that is. Usually I’m very apathetic about most holidays, NYE is just an excuse to get drunk and have a gathering with friends, Valentines Day is just an excuse to proclaim your love for someone when you should do it everyday, Easter is just an excuse to get chocolate (I like chocolate…), well those are the only universal holidays that a majority of people celebrate. They’re days that have been made out as a hallmark day, where (and as communist as I’m about to sound), it’s a way for people to make money off of, for this capitalist world.

          But Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year, I’ve always had this wishful wonder about things. Like, there’s a little bit of me that still believes in Santa, and much like Jesus Christ (and to not go into any religious battle here) – Santa was a real person (okay his name is Saint Nicholas, and he is a Greek Christian Saint). I think that’s why I like Christmas (not just because of the presents), because of my childlike wonder with it. With Christmas movies and TV shows, the idea of spending it with friends and family. It’s Christmas.

          Around two weeks ago I was staying at the boyfriend’s place and Elf was on Netflix so I watched it because it’s my favourite holiday themed movie, and he just couldn’t believe how excited I am about this movie (I had the biggest smile on my face), I do this a lot, watching Christmas related things. I’ve seen all the Bob’s Burgers Christmas episode, Love Actually, the Christmas episode of BoJack Horseman (which now I want to watch the series), I’ve got a YouTube playlist of Christmas episodes. I love Christmas.

          Now that I don’t see my dad, there’s not much of a tradition, this Christmas has been kind of weird. I’ve never been in a relationship with someone over the holidays (okay I technically /have/ but he was in the U.K.) so I’m making shortbread for the boyfriend’s mum on Tuesday night, watching Star Wars with my boyfriend and our friend and I’m probably going to play Fallout 4 on his PS4 before I go to bed, the next day I’ll play Fallout 4 (of course still spending the whole time with him), and then go home and then Christmas day is opening presents, eating Christmas Lunch and then doing whatever.

          When I was with my dad Christmas day was opening presents, having lunch with mum and then go to my dad’s where we open presents from him and his wife and then have dinner with his family and just spend it with him for a week or so until after New Years. But now that I’m of alcohol drinking age I stopped seeing him for New Years, and it’s been two Christmas’s since I haven’t seen him. Though now that I’m in a relationship and will soon move in with the guy, I’ve got to think of seeing his family, and mine as well. But with that, I gotta get a car.

          Christmas is, something. I enjoy what it has to offer, for a way to be around friends and family, it also makes me realise that I’m getting older because I enjoy giving gifts and seeing how they react to it, rather then getting them (okay I enjoy getting them too of course). I don’t think I’ll ever get over Christmas, no matter how pessimistic I’ve become.



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