Social Media and Society

          It’s been a while, well school is draining and writing… I didn’t get to 50k I wasn’t too happy with my writing and also I had so much school work. But here I am, to make a blog post, about my thoughts and opinions on something that is old news that I’m going to make news again because hey, writing is hard, and when you have to form words it’s a lot harder then originally expected!

          Social media is something I’ve spoken about… a lot, but hey I like social media. I’ve also made five posts (besides this one) on social media, so yeah. Social media is pretty important in how we build friendships and how we develop friendships. I’ve made so many amazing friends through social media, like my friend Mitchie who I’ve known for 8 years, and I’m on a Podcast with a group of people I met on a Facebook group.

          Around a month ago, a person came to a weird fame. Her name is Essena O’Neill and she basically is one of those people who have said time and time again “Social media is fake, everyone on Instagram is fake” which, okay to play devil’s advocate there probably is some fakeness to many of the ‘popular’ Instagram users, and watching her videos she’s posted on her website and I won’t say she’s wrong.

          The thing is, she’s right. Watching her video ‘What to Wear’ and she’s correct. Young girls are told to wear clothes that are very, very mature. I was a fat kid, and seeing all these girls wear these revealing cute clothes that hey I might feel good about myself (which is a lie, I mean it’s great to get compliments about what you look but in the long run, they aren’t that appealing). Now I don’t care, since there’s a lot of more plus size clothing out there I can wear more clothing and look nice and feel really attractive.

          What Essena is saying about how people, more specifically young females, are roped into this ideal of how they should dress, act, and what not to appeal mature. You hear a lot of rape cases with girls under 18 who were (and as grossed out as I am by saying this) ‘manipulating men because they looked mature/older then they actually are’. Now I’m not going to get into the specifics of that sentence. But generally speaking, girls are told to dress older and dress more sexually provocative so people can like them. It’s a horrible and disgusting dichotomy, but that’s what we live in at the moment and it freaking sucks.

          Social media and dress sense has what exactly connecting each other? Well, they don’t really have anything in common, I’m just saying that I agree with Essena on that whole tid bit; and her speels of being so young on social media. Though there is the fact that there are girls on Instagram who are dressing in outfits like what Essena has and appeared much older when they’re under 18 and it’s really creepy because of how many gross older men there are on the Internet. I’ve always voiced my opinion of ‘protect young girls on the Internet’.

          The one thing, that I don’t agree with Essena is on, is how ‘social media is fake’, which okay maybe to some degree it is fake. There’s no lie. But there are people (myself for example) who are very real. I won’t post anything very private for obvious reasons, but I am pretty open about my history of depression and suicide, my anxiety and my parents divorce, being pansexual and genderqueer in our society, and what not.

          There’s a few videos online about Essena and all, and especially about how fake it all is. Essena O’Neill Quitting Social Media is a hoax by twins Nina and Randa, there’s also one by their father Jeff Nelson called Essena O’Neill – The Real Behind The Image, their brother Willie also posted a video titled Essena O’Niell is Fake. This family spoke a lot about them because she stayed at their place and this is how everything sort of came together and such. They’re all right and correct about the whole thing, especially their father on pictures taken by his daughters.

          It’s awkward that she’s promoting all of these things… while using social media. Of course now that it’s a month later she doesn’t have any social media accounts except for her website (which I guess… is social media… she’s being social on it???), she has a Vimeo account instead of YouTube (they’re both video sharing websites, except ones more popular with vloggers and let’s players then the other one).

           People being fake doesn’t just count towards Instagram, there are fake people in the real world. Some use Instagram, some don’t. When she comments about getting things she didn’t agree with, it’s easy to say “no, sorry, won’t do” if someone wants me to endorse an anti-lgbtq thing, I will say no. Sure I need money, but my morals are far more important then any shameful group I don’t agree with.

          I think social media is… interesting to say the least. Social media is what you make it, if you act fake, if you do fake things, your experience will be fake. If you’re real, you take real photos, your experience will be real. Teach people not to take things from face value. I talk about things happening in my life on my tumblr and twitter, I take photos of me, sure they’re edited with lighting, angles and filters. My YouTube is just basically my wordpress where I talk about what’s on my mind (that reminds me, buy batteries for camera to start making YT videos again).

          There are more things to ‘awaken’ to, like how sexist and racist media is. If people want to point out how ‘fake’ social media is, then let’s start with the sexist tweets, and the racist Facebook statuses. I don’t Instagram all the time, I snapchat a bit but when I’m around people I don’t snapchat, especially with my boyfriend, if we’re together – we’re together. If we’re sitting down and he’s playing League of Legends and I’m playing Fallout 4, like this image I took of us. We’re not focusing on each other, but we’re still in the same room and I’m still having fun being around him.

          You need to not focus on social media all the time if you think everything is fake. This generation, not so mine (okay a little bit, I’m in this awkward stance where I did experience the 90s but not as much as ones born between 1990 and 1994, but I’m not a part of this ‘social media’ obsessed generation like young people born between 2000 – 2005), is social media obsessed and when people call out about all this stuff of how fake something is, don’t spend so much time on social media and spend it with people you know and love. I think is the main message of everything.

          tl;dr: essena is kinda right? but social media is fake if you make it fake, spend time with family friends, DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK! I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you all next time~



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