2015, a year in review

          2015 was… an interesting year for me, I can say that much! It had its ups and downs and I’m so happy that it’s almost over. Only a few more days, only a few more days. You know how people are like “[insert the next year] will be my year”, well I mean, I guess 2015 was kind like that? I made new friends, I got a boyfriend (look I’m surprised as much as you are), I was able to do volunteer work and learn about the library industry, pass both a certificate and diploma (first half anyways) with flying colours. It’s been a pretty amazing year. Oh and on Christmas day I finally met my dad who I hadn’t spoken to in about a year and a half, yeah.

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Christmas traditions

          I love Christmas, I’ve always loved Christmas and I don’t know why that is. Usually I’m very apathetic about most holidays, NYE is just an excuse to get drunk and have a gathering with friends, Valentines Day is just an excuse to proclaim your love for someone when you should do it everyday, Easter is just an excuse to get chocolate (I like chocolate…), well those are the only universal holidays that a majority of people celebrate. They’re days that have been made out as a hallmark day, where (and as communist as I’m about to sound), it’s a way for people to make money off of, for this capitalist world.

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Social Media and Society

          It’s been a while, well school is draining and writing… I didn’t get to 50k I wasn’t too happy with my writing and also I had so much school work. But here I am, to make a blog post, about my thoughts and opinions on something that is old news that I’m going to make news again because hey, writing is hard, and when you have to form words it’s a lot harder then originally expected!

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