Why are library activities important?

          A question has been posed “why are activities such as story time so important to libraries?” My local library has story time, three sets of story time – one for babies 0 – 9 months, one for toddlers under 3 years of age and lastly one for children between the ages of 3 to 5. The babies one is called ‘Born to Read‘, the toddlers one is called ‘Tiny Tots‘ and lastly, the one for children is called ‘Preschool Storytimes‘ and they’re all different.

          Born to Read has limited places and you need to book. They also seem to be monthly events, but encourage new parents on tips to read with your baby, there’s 30 minutes of special rhymes, songs and book play. Tiny Tots is a weekly thing, every Wednesday at 10:30 am. It has the same set up as the baby one with 30 minutes of songs, rhymes and stories, it helps to develop your child’s language and motor skills, their imagination and concentration as well as the promotion of social skills. This time there is not booking. Lastly, the Preschool Storytimes is different to the previous two activity times, with this time there’s 45 minutes of stories, songs, rhymes and craft activities but has the same development skills that Tiny Tots encourage. At my library, it’s every Monday and Thursday at 10:30 am.

          Aside from storytimes, the library has many different activities for different age groups – like there’s a motorised Lego event, seniors festival, an introduction to 3d printing, and many more at just my local library. There are different events held at different libraries throughout Victoria and Australia and even the world. When I did an assignment six or so months ago for my certificate iv class, I was surprised but also happy for the events for teenagers, it was pretty awesome I have to admit.

          Storytime is important because of what I’ve listed, what skills they promote, that your child is able to develop language by just sitting and watching someone read to a big group, that they’re able to develop motor skills and that their imagination and concentration can develop at a rate by going to these events and lastly, that not only do they get social skills but the parents/caretakers do as well by meeting other guardians and eventually being able to set up play dates between children who in the end can become life long friends. Story time is important because of these reasons, and that it brings in many people into the library and it can encourage children to turn into seeing the library as a destination they can go to, and they might end up borrowing books and becoming librarians themselves.

          Activities in themselves are good because of the different skills you can learn, for adults who don’t have computer skills can go to a library and learn at any time so that they can gain these skills that may or may not lan them a job if they are in eventual need of one. You can learn how to use Legos and build around them and use them as motors, and you can learn how to build 3d objects with the 3d printer. Activities such as these and storytime are important because of the potential friends, the community building and the skills you can gain from them.



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