Genre Shelving

          In libraries, most of them go via the Dewey Decimal System which is simple enough you have numbers between 000 and 999, you can find them in the non-fiction area and they’ll have pointers as to what is what. In the fiction area they go by how many that author will have and the first three initials of their last name, so say I have a book in a library it’d be under ‘TAY 005’ that means that the start of my last name is TAY and that I have 5 books with that library already, though sometimes it might be different as there is another person who has written books that has the same three initials then most libraries would move them so they’d be ‘TAY 032’ in case I or someone else whoever got the first five already and they tend to write more.

          The other thing that libraries have with fiction books are genre stickers where they not organise the books in genre but organise them generally and if you’re looking for a particular genre you can just find that book, but the thing is it’s going to take ages to find particular books as it goes via the ‘TAY 005’ deal. This is why I like the idea of genre shelving but moreso looking at school libraries then public libraries though it can work in public libraries too.

          Genre shelving is where libraries sort their books (and of course this will take forever so you’ve got to be dedicated to this idea) via genre stickers, so like romance, mystery, crime, that sort of thing. They already do it for comics/graphic novels/manga so why not do it for fiction books? The Cranbourne Library have certain areas for certain non-fiction books so the most popular non-fiction books will have their own set area like cooking and home improvements.

          I enjoy the idea of genre shelving as it can help children pick out books quickly without having to sort through authors when you don’t know that many. I know authors I like, so John Green and J.K. Rowling, and even Rainbow Rowell I love her writing, so I’m going to look at GRE for John Green and ROW for J.K. Rowling and Rainbow Rowell (funnily enough), thus I know what their last names are. Whereas children who don’t have the time to look for the stickers can go to one genre section, pick a book and borrow.

          This can promote reading by having a genre section being easy to pick out books. If you like romance you’re going to pick a book and once finished reading return with this book and you can go back to the romance genre and pick another book. Of course every book isn’t the same, that’s a given and it’s an obvious. However, it has the tails of romance so you subscribe to a romance novel one time, you’re going to get another novel that is different but still is romantic with its romance and all.



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