Online Learning Tools + Learning Plans

          Online universities are cool, and I love that you can live where I live (Victoria, or better yet South of Melbourne) and I can do a course (essentially) at Griffiths University in Queensland (close to Brisbane). You can find many online courses at Open Universities Australia (given, you’re Australian), and it’s just an interesting way of study now in the first half of the 21st century.

          First is a Diploma in Public Relations, offered at the University of Griffith. I chose this course because it can help you promote library activities, like story time or how to use a computer for senior citizens of the community. With public relations being the practice of managing the spread of information it can also help libraries in having a universally good image throughout their community, as it creates coverage and all.

          Graduate Diploma in Project Management is offered from the University of South Australia and it entails the successful planning, development and delivery of projects. I chose this course because it can help with planning projects for the library, like planning a project on how to make the library great, or how to bring in people to said library. It can tie in with library activities as a project for you and your team.

          Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Services is offered from Curtin University. Now this is the more practical course that aligns with my Diploma of Library, Information and Cultural Services, as this goes on for librarianship and all. It’d be good because you’d have your library technician skills and then going onto a librarianship you’d also have those skills down to so you’d be an open book for jobs and all. It would just broaden your skills in libraries.

          Gradate Diploma in Records Management and Archives is offered via Curtin University again, this one can be helpful for archives, libraries that deal with archiving things much like state libraries like the Victorian library, where they archive books and posters and anything of print value that has some relation to Victoria as a state. This can help you get jobs in these kind of areas, and special libraries that deal with archiving (not just the Victorian library), and help keep records of such things.

          Diploma in Graphic Design is a course offered by the New South Wales North Coast Tafe. The graphic design course offers a range of job possibilities and different ways to design many things. It can help you with this behind so you can advertise the library and make it look welcoming with the signs it displays. With having the graphic design diploma behind you, you are able to not only have a job at a library but even do freelance work of your own.

So if you’ve read my blog for long, you know I want to become a writer, and being a writer you have to do some things to get into the industry and do a ‘Learning Plan’, it’s a type of document that helps you plan learning (yeah it says it in the name, I know) over some time. So here’s mine:

  • Daily Learning Tasks:
    Twitter/tweet daily, read things about writing and even write 100 words a day (that’d be interesting, I might even start that in 2016).
  • Weekly Learning Tasks:
    Job opportunities, writing a blog entry.
  • Monthly Learning Tasks:
    Following professional writers (whether that be on wordpress, twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, anywhere social media is a thing), go to writers events (maybe not monthly every six months or yearly whenever they pop up).
  • Long Term Learning Goals:
    Join a writers association, get something published, join a writers course.

So, there it is. Online education and learning plans, it was interesting an fun to look these up honestly.



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