Learning Websites (part 2)

          Hello, everyone. It’s been some time, just you know going about life, doing assignments… avoiding assignments, playing video games. I got back into writing again, I’m going to try and do the National Novel Writing Month next month so hopefully I can get everything out of the way and do that, and hopefully this year I can do this and not flip out and all. This here is an assignment piece, and the second of learning websites because hey, I screwed something up. I mean I misunderstood the context of the piece so hopefully this time it’s good, it works. I’m only doing four, since I have one in my previous post which is somewhat a long the same lines

          Udemy is a learning site that has courses but it doesn’t seem to go in weeks. There are free courses and paid courses (the lowest being at $4 and the highest being $599), and it ranges from IT to languages, from design to music. It provides different languages, whether it’s closed captioned or has quizzes and what level it is. I chose Java Tutorials for Complete Beginners, the videos are captured through the computer with the instructors voice over, the videos overall have 17 hours to take to complete and there are 75 lectures so if you really want to learn how to do Java, then this is your best option. It’s obviously recommended for beginners, but is really for anyone who wants to brush up on their Java skills. The place is easy to find lessons, with the lesson itself, not as engaging but that’s only because I know how to do Java (sort of). Though I would recommend the site to people.

          Easy to find lessons: 5/5
Engaging and interesting lessons: 3/5
Coverage of the topic: 4/5
Recommendation: 5/5

          Dave Conservatorie is a site for musicians and have posted a few videos on the maths idea of pi (π). Dave you don’t need to sign up for at all, the videos are captured via probably photoshop on the computer, the lesson I’m looking at is Rhythm, the videos are interesting and the guy (who I assume is Dave, who knows) is very enthusiastic about it which makes others enthusiastic of sorts. There are a ton of topics in music, and they have a YouTube channel so that you can stream all of their videos without getting up.

          Easy to find lessons: 4½/5
Engaging and interesting lessons: 5/5
Coverage of the topic: 5/5
Recommendation: 4/5

          Code Academy is an online site where you can learn to code, I’m looking at how to make a website, they have over 300k students, the whole course will take 3 hours (approx.), and it’s a beginner level. There are five units overall, each part includes: structure your page (using HTML), style your text (using CSS), style your elements (using CSS), organise your page (using CSS) and lastly, kickstarting your web page (again, using CSS). In each course they show a guide of what these elements are, how different websites look using HTML and using HTML & CSS, and they explain each element.

          Easy to find lessons: 4½/5
Engaging and interesting lessons: 3/5
Coverage of the topic: 4/5
Recommendation: 5/5

          Skill Crush is another ‘skill based’ site, where you can learn web design, web development, mobile web designing, freelance wordpress developer, ruby on rails developer (a web application framework – a framework that helps develop dynamic sites). These skills give an outline of the job ‘blueprint’ and how much they pay for them (e.g. Ruby on Rails Developer gives you an annual salary of $108,000). They say that they’re $4 a day, you can make 3 monthly payments of $149 or a full payment of $399. I joined a 10 day bootcamp (with a fake e-mail just in case I want to use this in the future), with this you’ll learn HTML and tech terms. In the first day, you learn about the Internet and the web, and websites vs web applications. It’s an okay site, but it seems rather boring, for me personally (because I already know most HTML/CSS) and it seems way too pricey, but then again that’s only because I’m a struggling student.

          Easy to find lessons: 3/5
Engaging and interesting lessons: 3/5
Coverage of the topic: 4/5
Recommendation: 3/5

          I don’t have much else to say, I mean this was simply an update to my previous post. So I hope you have a good morning, afternoon, evening, or goodnight.



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