Book Reviews

          I don’t look at book review often, usually it’ll be from a friend or if the writer has written other books. But reviewers do have some importance from said friends on whether a book is a good enough read to pass on information, and in one way or another a friend can be a book reviewer. I told my friends to read Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, and in that I’m a book reviewer; but we as ‘common folk’ don’t hold ourselves to that profession as someone who is a reviewer, and that’s why when we think of book reviews we think of places in newspapers, online, and the likes.

          So here I am, reviewing … book review sites, if that makes sense. I chose Kirkus Reviews and Book Page. They’re both similar in what they offer to users of the site with rotating images of books that have been reviewed by the site already. With links to other content on the site and many other information that they have.

          Kirkus Reviews not only has book reviews on a range of different genres, as well as their own little award that is given to a book. They also have a bestsellers section for reviews on bestseller books. They have a tab for authors for authors, like interviews, specific categories for authors who write for children, teen, young adult, etc. in the others section, there’s help for new authors, to get your book reviewed, edited or for your review to be promoted. With another tab called ‘services for authors’.

          Book Page has a magazine that people can download as a pdf file, this includes interviews with authors on the site it has a photo of them and what their works mainly focus on. They have book reviews which you can also browse by genre, issue (coinciding with their magazine), the author, the contributor or the publisher. They have a blog too.

          The two review sites are different, but the same. they both have a focus on authors and book reviews. With interviews with the authors on what they do and how they write; however, Kirk Reviews has services for authors that can help authors in the long run whereas Book Page is for authors who are known in one community or another. The two both have magazines, both having book reviews in them and what not. Kirkus Reviews seems that it offers more to authors and users, but more of an emphasis on the authors, whereas Book Page is for the users then the authors. The two can be used in libraries, especially Kirkus Reviews, it offers iPad Book Reviews, for the many libraries that are now looking at technological advancements to thrust themselves into the modern era.



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