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          Look who’s back, with more school blog entries! I finished my Certificate IV in late June and now I’ve started the diploma section which should be fun, and that’s more blog entries. There will be a mix of school entries and just general entries full of musing and stuff. This is a school blog about online learning tools, and something I’d love to learn a bit more is how to make a tumblr theme / coding websites.

          After deciding what I want to learn, I next need to find 5 YouTube videos about said skill. So I had a look at YouTube and what it has to offer and there aren’t that many on the actual coding part and more “hey here’s how you change this” and I know how to code itself, I just cannot wrap my head around tumblr themes… which is odd.

  • How to Make a Tumblr Theme part 1, 2 & 3
    These series of videos goes into detail of planning a tumblr in Photoshop, with he second and third video going into the coding mechanics. It’s a good video, the video itself is HD, the voice over work is clear and the content creator explains things easy enough for someone who has no basic knowledge of HTML. I didn’t expect it to go into photoshop first by the title alone, and the videos were quite short and not entirely detailed.
    4/5 stars.
  • How I Make Tumblr Themes
    The content creator talks about how she plans a tumblr theme, but only that and doesn’t go into specifics about how she codes a theme. The video itself is clear enough and she uses a piece of paper and puts a diagram of how she lays out her themes or a particular theme she is doing, as well as putting in the features of said theme. I was hoping for a video on the coding aspect of the video and not just how you plan.
    3/5 stars.
  • How to Create Tumblr Themes: Basic HTML Template
    This video is basically about the the basic template in tumblr themes, and yes I know basic HTML but there’s stuff in here for a theme aspect that I didn’t know. It’s a very short video and the creator has broken up the videos into eight or so parts which seems too much for short videos. I didn’t expect anything surprising either bad or good.
    2 ½/5 stars
  • How to Add Another Column to your Tumblr Theme
    This isn’t a video about doing a theme from the ground up, just a simple add on. The creator talks about how to add another column as well as changing the sidebar placement and post placement. Like the previous video I wasn’t surprised about anything different then what the title or description says. The voice over kinda goes up and down in volume, but I don’t expect top of the line videos.
    3 ½/5 stars
  • How to Add More Links to your Tumblr Theme
    I know how to do this, this is pretty easy. But it’s interesting to see how other people do it, this production of the video wasn’t as quality as I thought it might have been with the amount of views it has; however, it’s straight to the point on how to do something so there’s that. Again, there was no surprise in how it was described at all.
    2/5 stars

          I don’t mind iTunes, I use it when I have no Internet connection now more so then when I do have it (I’m usually listening to songs on 8tracks. But they offer iTunesU which is like a Podcast type lesson which actually sounds really cool and something that sounds like I’d be interested in. Universities like Swinbourne University, Deakin University, RMIT University, BOND University and the University of Melbourne all have lessons on their iTunes U page.

          I love writing, I mean that’s why I first set up this blog for my writing course which ended up me liking to blog (even though I don’t do it often… blame my lazyness and my perfectionism). On iTunes U I looked up writing courses and chose three iTunes U courses. I also have a love for philosophy, with doing two years (11 & 12) of high school philosophy and chose two more iTunes U courses making a total of five iTunes U courses of both writing that I’m interested in (Fiction and non-fiction) and philosophy.

  • Writing Creatively: Fiction
    OpenUni (England) has fourteen audio posts and one video post (there’s two but the first visual is the intro to the whole course) on how to write creative fiction and how to start fiction writing. The audio has a bunch of authors whom are international bestsellers, and they use their own work to explain how they voice their characters or write a scene and how they personalise it. You learn about structure, genre, and narrative techniques as well as editing and re-editing.
  • Writers on Writing
    Chapman University’s Writers on Writing has 49 items in total of writers on topics in literature while focusing on their own genre. Chapman invites published novelists, cinematic editors and television writers to give lectures on their skills, as well as having questions and answers. They give advice and have insight on their writings.
  • Writing and Editing for News
    Ohio State University has a course with 131 items in total on journalism. They teach how to report, write and publish whether it be through traditional media, or digital media like blogs and online news sites. They also teach how to develop ideas into stories and writing the facts.
  • Introducing Philosophy: Thinking and Ethics
    University Online (England) has 20 items in their course of the introduction of philosophy, mainly ethics and how it plays a role in our modern thoughts. Giving the thought process of saving one person and risking five others from a train or risking that one person to save five others. Showcasing ethical dilemmas in philosophy.
  • The Philosophy of Descartes
    Lastly, La Trobe University offers a course in the philosophy of René Descartes; French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist during his life of 1596 – 1650, though he lived much of his life in the Dutch republic. He’s seen as the ‘father of modern philosophy‘ and is well known for his essay ‘Meditations‘ published in Latin, 1641.

Learning online is interesting and fun, sometimes some people have the motivation to do it, other’s don’t. I’m a half and half, I’ve decided to do something called the Bullet Journal, where it’s a to do list, planner/calendar, list of things to read/to watch or to buy etc. I need it to organise my thoughts and to actually get on track with my life. The book I’m using (squared Moleskin hardcover) just came in from Book Depositary today so I’ll do a blog entry on it when I can. But I do enjoy online learning especially with silly little things, especially as a writer I have to learn things online about certain things. Though through finding out my learning style I’m more of a kinaesthetic then anything which I’m not surprised about but kinaesthetic got a 7 where as the second highest was visual (which I wasn’t surprised about) at a 4 (that’s where I was surprised).



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