One class I’m taking is a class on promoting literature in libraries. Literature, according to Google the definition of literature is of multiple things:

          a) Written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit.
b) Books and writings published on a particular subject.
c) leaflets and other printed matter used to advertise products or give advice

          Literature to me is anything written, it can be something stupid or something philosophical. Of course there are varying degrees on what people think literature is and many may think it’s classical works like Charles Dickens or Shakespeare; while others can think J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Myer is literature. A definition of literature is up to the person in question, and not just a collection as a whole because everyone has varying opinions on one thing or another and we cannot pin point. Sure when it comes to collection of opinion you’ll have to have the different opinions in a poll. When they poll the Australian population on their stance on marriage equality you’ll have 64% of Australians support it where as 36% don’t. You can put in a poll of Australians who see literature as classical works or words on paper.

          I believe libraries, especially school libraries, promote literature like there’s no tomorrow. I mean, it is a library it’s kind of the point. But libraries always promote literature, when I did work experience at my old high school they have a program called “RED” which is an acronym for Read Every Day. It teaches students to… well, read everyday. It’s an interesting program targeted at years 7 – 9 for people who aren’t interested in reading, especially because of how many young people don’t read. And even I didn’t read much, but since leaving I’ve been reading, whether it’s an actual book, an online article, fanfiction (yes… whatever), or comics. I’m more excited to read when I finished high school then I did during high school and I hated the books that were chosen for English and Literature. Literature can be classical works of fiction, but for me it’s simply a book that was written. Sure classics have a much bigger feeling overall. But anything is literature in my books.


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