I’ve used sites here and there that bookmark like things. I’ve used Delicious, Digg, Pocket, Stumbleupon, Flipboard, and in one way or another Reddit (I mean it’s a half and half, since you can find stuff and save said stuff… iunno, maybe I’m stretching for something). Though out of all of those I’ve used Pinterest the most, which is kind of interesting I guess in one way or another. Well it’s interesting because I have fun with it, but I get bored though I have found a lot of cosplay things in it that can help me achieve a better outfit. 

          So, Pinterest, what is it? Essentially it’s like a photo sharing site almost. I wasn’t too interested in it, I still am not in all honesty, maybe it’s because I like to just stick to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and RoosterTeeth in my main bar on chrome (I’ll use YouTube and/or 8tracks if I want to listen to music or watch videos but yeah). It’s hardly used enough to actually gain an interest in, I do like to go on it once or twice a month and then leave and wonder why I joined it “oh right, because mum told me to join it“… that and also I like to get up on the new social media trends, even if it took me like a year or so to get on Snapchat, and I left Instagram for a bit and came back… but this is not the point. The point is, Pinterest is okay?


          This is my Pinterest account, I have two boards and one of them has nothing in it, the other? Well okay, there’s five pins in it. Two of them are about wigs, one is about crowns, two of them are Mad King Ryan cosplay idea. It’s not that I don’t like Pinterest, it’s actually a really good idea and I have used it when I’ve needed inspiration for things but most of my like ideas or DIY or something of the likes have come from Tumblr. I even have a tag on my tumblr for important things / references that I need to remember next time or another, so it’s not like I have a reason to go to Pinterest half the time.

          It is easy to navigate though, and they do help you out once you first join, and the fact that you can connect your Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo friends so you’re not quite alone in the Pinterest world is easy and helpful. I noticed going through the settings you can customise your gender, and since I’m not on the gender binary of female (Androgyny or Genderqueer) I can change that, I actually do have to say that’s a really good input and had only found that while looking through the settings to see where you can connect with friends. Searching is pretty cool too, and if the tag is popular enough you get recommendations. Like so in my recent searches for nose ring, I got all of these suggestions on hoop, classy, sizes, and even people and what not.

          As a whole, I like Pinterest, it’s an interesting site and how to use it where it’s simple enough and I can find some stuff that I would have to dig down and around on the Internet to try and find. But I can’t find myself using it like I do with Tumblr, and I’m not too sure why, might be the lack of people I follow, or the newness of things, because I’m sure to find things I saw 5 days ago, who knows. So Pinterest is good for an hour or two for me, but it isn’t something I’d spend all the time on.



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