It’s been some time, I hope you’re all well. I’ve been in a muck where I’ve wanted to write a post… but what about? So I finally got inspiration to write about something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. So I’m in a relationship (which is fun to say) since March 21st, and my boyfriend makes me happy. Which is odd, I mean I was happy before I met him, and I’ll be happy if we break up (in the sense that afterwards without all the sadness and everything). However; he just amplifies my happiness ten fold and whenever I think of him I get butterflies wrapped up in knots. The way he says my name and pet names make me so happy and just being around him, holding his hand has me at ease. 

          Though the thing I find kind of… interesting, is the idea of fate and how it can bring people together and/or events together. Fate is defined as:

  1. Power or agency that predetermines and orders the course of events. 
  2. Fate defines events as ordered or “inevitable” and unavoidable. It is a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the universe, and in some conceptions, the cosmos.

          And I do believe in it, I believe there is some sort of natural order out there guiding us to people or events. Sometimes they’re horrible events and one would never want to think of it, like when my parents got divorced, what my father did was uncalled for. But maybe through that mum wouldn’t have married someone she loves, and get a job she enjoys. I wouldn’t have met some amazing friends in the town I live in. Some of these negative events can turn into positives. If I never got depression, if I never tried to commit suicide; I don’t believe I would have been empathetic towards many young people who take their own lives. If I was straight & cisgendered I would possibly be some sort of –phobic.

          Fate can bring you to people. Sometimes with this I wonder if fate brought me to meet my boyfriend. Now back story, I have anxiety and I’m just horrible with meeting new people. I’ a fan of Rooster Teeth, the Australian fans have a thing called Roo Teeth and they have monthly events, I decided to go to one in November and there I met Brad. I believe in some odd way it’s fate that we met, that some other worldly power decide that we must meet. I mean in the end this could all be total bullshit and I’m just too airy fairy to come to the real world, but hey it’s good to have these kind of thoughts of feelings.

          But meeting people can be either a blessing, or a curse. There are many people I’ve had crushes on that were definitely a curse, and there are many that are a blessing. The last few I had a thing for before Brad were both a blessing and a curse that I’ve learnt.

  1. Don’t date someone if they’re anti-feminist and believe that an all female lead Ghostbusters is going to be a bad movie. He might be into the same humour as you and the same video games, but if he’s anti-feminist then ignore him.
  2. Don’t date someone interstate, it’s bad enough you’re dating someone who lives 2 1/2 – 3 hours away via public transport who you see at least once a week. It’s bad on your heart, you’re a hopeless romantic for God’s sake Melissa, she can’t see you all the time. Also if they’re still hung up over their ex, don’t date them either. At least they become your friend that you sometimes talk to on and off.
  3. Don’t introduce him to people when you’re just crushing to people you know will steal him from you. Especially when you tell the person who stole them from you that you like him twice.
  4. Go on a date with the guy and don’t just talk to him on Facebook with false promises. It’s not helping anyone. Especially since he slept with the friend who stole example #3. That’s the reason why #3 and the boy stealer broke up (I’m like 99% sure that’s true).
  5. Never try to get with someone who rarely texts you, just because he liked your Batman top doesn’t mean he loves you.

          Well, they’re just five examples anyways. And they’re only in the past year… I’m a busy one okay. But maybe I met these people for a reason; that I shouldn’t date someone who lives interstate, someone who isn’t a feminist, someone who wasn’t interested in you in the first place, someone you need to grab and someone who doesn’t text you often. Luckily, Brad isn’t any of them and I’m happy about it. Because I’m a writer, I can talk about how much I care for him and how much I love him. So I often bring up fate sometimes, because honestly we’re mostly exactly alike and we meet at a nerd meet up. I mean I sometimes would take the same train line as him last year when I had to go from Oakleigh to Caufield, he might have caught the same train as me, or he might have been in the same carriage as me. Before my parents divorced I would go to the shopping centre he lives close to. It can’t be some odd coincidence you know? There are way too many similarities between us, and the amount of times I could have bumped into him is just too much you know?

          Fate, I guess is a tricky thing to believe in. Because on one hand it sounds… beautiful. Just to believe in the reason why we’re here, in the reason why we met someone, like why are they important? Do I need to hold on to them, or do I let them go? What will they bring to the table of friendship? Or even an event, like me and Roo Teeth. But on the other hand it sounds… controversial. With the amount of people who raped and/or murdered by the hands of others, why was that their fate? Events like World Wars, the collapse of the twin towers, the stolen generation. Why are these events fate? It’s controversial because the horrible, disgusting and degrading events and/or people you may meet shouldn’t be considered fate.

          Maybe I believe to an extent, that yeah maybe the meeting between Brad and I was fate, but it was only because we both decided to go to the meet up. Who knows if we’d of met (by some chance I just never go to the meet ups or I never get into Rooster Teeth) sometime sooner, that fate needs us to meet or else the whole cosmic entity will collapse on itself (it won’t, but as an example). I believe in science, I believe that science can explain certain things, but sometimes it cannot. Fate is that time. Maybe something happens to us so we can tell a tale, I didn’t commit suicide, so I could help others out of doing it, my parents divorced so I could understand how much of a shitty person my father really is and that I can meet people I care about. Who knows.

          Fate is truly a tricky thing in some cases. And things like fate, and the future you can’t really tell… for obvious reasons. But hey, fate happens and when it does think of it as a lesson. I know I sure haven’t.



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