Words, and word.

          Here’s another blog entry about Microsoft word! The last entry on word I spoke about me and my history with word like having a certificate in Microsoft Office 2010, and being I.T. captain and such. So we learnt about copying, moving and fonts which was interesting because I mean I know how to copy, paste, move things and I know how to install fonts and such, but I didn’t think of using fonts for festive activities like Easter, Christmas… Halloween.

          Moving and copying text I know and drag and drop. As well as undo, cut, copy and paste; however, I didn’t know that ctrl + x was for cut… maybe I did know that it’s a thing but I didn’t think of it as a shortcut. With fonts, I love fonts. Though at the moment I haven’t gone on a font craze, actually I might do it after I post this. But I love downloading fonts and using fonts, and I use it when I go into Photoshop and use it. I use free fonts and not paid fonts (because who wants to use paid fonts? Like really?), and I use it mostly from Da Font.

        Clip art is something I’ve used ever since Primary school and I’ve used it on a PowerPoint I used for a philosophy oral presentation. I’m not a huge clip art fan and in all honesty, I use it for irony purposes… like Comic Sans (I’m weird like that). But I never use picture frames on images, or at least I don’t remember using them; however, I use wrap text often when I need to insert images.

          SmartArt is something I’ve sort of known about but never used, bu it looks really kinda cool and interesting. Though, I’ve used shapes in the past, probably in primary school when I’m learning about Microsoft word and PowerPoint back in the early days of Microsoft Office 2003 (those were the days). So, Microsoft Word, some new stuff I learnt about, and some stuff I already knew.



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