Social media & themed sites

          I love social media, it could be that I’m a young person born in 1995 and I don’t understand the troubles of dial up and floppy disks (which mind you, I do. Not as bad, but still I know and have been around for dial up and I’ve seen floppy disks and stuff. Social media is great, I use mostly Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and a few others here and there.

          Photo sharing sites are interesting in the type of stuff they hold. So I use Flickr and Imgur, I also have a Photobucket account but I haven’t used it in quite some time. Out of Flickr and Imgur, I use Imgur out of the two and it’s kind of cool. I mean I upload images there but I like looking at the funny images people have posted, the most interesting thing I’ve seen on Imgur is an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with an ex-Neo-Nazi. This guy used to be a part of this Neo Nazi group until he realised he didn’t like the views he held and the views the Neo-Nazi’s held. I loved reading about this guy’s life.

          The next step up is video sharing. and I use it more then I use image sharing. I use it to both watch videos from people I subscribe to upload videos. I usually watch YouTube videos of some let’s players, an vloggers, and well Buzzfeed. I use other video sharing sites like Viemo, DailyMotion, Twitch, and a few others. Though it’s mostly YouTube as my main video sharing site and I enjoy it, because it serves it’s purpose… sure there are weird videos on YouTube, but you’ll find weird things anywhere. Another close sharing site is audio sites, like Soundcloud which I use from time to time though I only listen to music on YouTube if I want a song (and if I want a specific song I’ll probably find it on Soundcloud if it’s rare), but I also use a site called 8tracks where people can post a somewhat mixtape of songs. But aside from that, I don’t use much audio sharing sites as I do of the visual sharing sites.

          Multi-media sites are kind of interesting, like Flickr I’ve said is an image sharing site, but it also shows video. I don’t really think of multi-media sites because I use them so often, there’s Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter (with the use of vine an twitpic… and also gifs), Reddit, I mean in some ways YouTube could be a multi-media site because of that it has video but sometimes there’s audio with a static image.

          Mobile apps are some I use a lot. Like Instagram (I know it’s web based but you can’t upload images), Snapchat, Kik and Facebook messenger, they’re good I like them. Some of them I’m off and on like Instagram I get bored and don’t check it for three or so weeks until I realise I have an account. Oh Reddit’s one too, that has a web based app (though I think it’s unauthorised). So I use a lot of sharing sites, sometimes I only use it for personal reasons, other times I use it to share and show people my creations. It’s kind of interesting how the world works.



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