News sharing and forums.

          News is interesting, especially in this day and age. I don’t know if I’ve told you guys, but I want to be a journalist. Political journalist to be exact, though journalism is dying… paper journalism which kind of sucks because I love the smell of newspapers (maybe not when they’ve been on the train for a bit and they smell like puke), but now days it’s kind of, easy to get your work published. I mean I’ve had two pieces published and I haven’t even turned 20 yet, the only thing difficult is getting your work out there, and getting it almost viral.

          So there are a few social news sites I’m familiar with, Buzzfeed, Fark, Reddit, Digg, that sort of thing. Though I see more Buzzfeed on my Facebook timeline because I’m following them and I also see them on YouTube because I subscribe to most of their YouTube accounts. I mean Buzzfeed has it’s ups and downs… but I wouldn’t call it real journalism in some cases. Some newspapers have gone to Facebook knowing that that’s where they are able to share their posted stories, like Herald Sun, The Age, and many others. And it’s interesting how this sort of journalism is changing, it’s almost fast paced in one way or another.

          I had to look at a news site that had Facebook and share two articles of theirs. I chose STACKMagazine, which isn’t hard hitting journalism but hey, I like pop culture so it’s good enough. I shared a news story about Game of Thrones (because come on, it’s Game of Thrones… except the writing has gone down hill, like the latest season didn’t feel right… okay this is a conversation for next time) and the new Kurt Cobain documentary titled ‘Montage of Heck‘ which actually looks really interesting and I love movies that incopriate two mediums, that’s why I like Howl so much (even though I’m over my James Franco phase… I’m still in love with the beat poets even if they were sexist, white homosexual druggies).

          So Stack Magazine is kinda cool, I mean it depends on what you’re interested in, so I like pop culture stuff so of course I’m going to enjoy Stack, whereas someone who isn’t interested in it won’t. The site’s good, it divides all of the articles into what a reader may like, so music, movies/tv, video games, technology, competitions and social stuff. It tells you where you can reach them, either via Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. They also have the news they’ve posted that day too as a category.

          Forums are another part of the website. I use them when I can, I’ve mostly used it to do text roleplay (I still do, okay it’s a bit nerdy but it’s the only way I can write and get my heart out… besides co-op writing is really cool). But I also use it on websites that have it like Rooster Teeth, they have their own forums on the site. I’ll also visit forums when I do a Google search for something and it’s on the first page. I mean in some ways, you could say Reddit’s a forum… sort of.



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