Themed sites & Facebook

          I love themed sites and themed pages, well sort of. I mean, I like sites where there’s an overall theme, and sites where there’s a bit of everything you can do. Like say Tumblr, now Tumblr is both themed and not themed, it’s themed in a sense where you can follow specific groups. I follow a lot of video game, comic book, Marvel/DC, Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter blogs, but I also follow some blogs where they post photography of different type of things. Thus, my dash isn’t really themed, but it’s themed for my liking and what I like. Whereas there are themed sites like Achievement Hunter which is about just video games.

          So for my course I had to do a few things, that is to:

  • Follow your local library
  • Follow ALIA
  • Find at least 5 technology related organisations to like and follow
  • Find at least 5 groups to like and follow that are of personal interest to you
  • Join 2 different Themed Social networking sites.

         My local library has a Facebook page which I’m pretty surprised about, I mean it’s not my actual library but it’s within its branch. They advertise things that are happening across their branch, and even share videos or pictures relating to libraries. Next I had to like ALIA, and ALIA stands for Australian Library and Information Association. ALIA’s Facebook is much like my local library’s where they post about writing and libraries from both Australia and International, they also post anything political that has to do with writing.

          Next, I had to like five technology related organisations, and in all honesty, I didn’t know what was somewhat technology based (in a sense), or what kind of technology. But it was kind of easy since I love technology, so there’s Nintendo (when they started making video games and not cards or were a taxi company), both Nintendo and Nintendo AUS & NZ. On Nintendo’s Facebook, it has the history of Nintendo with each important year. In 1889, Fusajiro Yamauchi, great-grandfather of Hiroshi Yamauchi (the former President and current executive adviser of Nintendo), began manufacturing and selling Japanese playing cards, Hanafuda (flower cards), in Kyoto, Japan. Which is pretty cool if you think about it. It wasn’t until 1970 that they stated to explore Optoelectronics (the study of electronic devices).

          Then there’s PlayStation, as a whole company of sorts. Their Facebook page features posts about their games and/or upcoming games, but a lot of it’s from their own blog on the PlayStation site. They also show / share images or videos relating to PlayStation. It’s also the same with Xbox, another technology site I’ve liked. They post about games coming on their platform, and even promoting their product with bundles or something of the like. Much like Nintendo, both PlayStation and Xbox have a history in the timeline, where you can find out when the first Xbox and PlayStation console was released.

          The fourth page is Samsung, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I really like them as a phone company. Samsung shows their products, and even new things they’re putting up on the market like a phone cover that you can see your notifications on your phone which is interesting. Lastly, there’s ASUS. I use ASUS computers and I like them, so of course I’m going to like their Facebook page. Again much like all the other Facebook pages I’ve said here, they too show their products, and like all the other pages they have a history to tell. Though Samsung seemed to focus a lot on the Olympics by bringing out specific phones for either the winter or summer Olympics.

          Next we had to find five groups and join them. I’ve already joined quite a few groups, and the five I chose are:

  • Roo Teeth
  • Quiltbagfighters
  • Roo Teeth Gaming Community
  • Pop Culture Discussion Group
  • Nerdwriters

          First off, Roo Teeth is a group for Australian fans of Rooster Teeth. It’s a large community with over two thousand members and there are many sub groups within Roo Teeth. Like the Roo Teeth Gaming Community, where we talk about gaming related stuff like, upcoming video games, news articles or videos about a particular game we enjoy, or even gameplay of a game we’re playing. There’s also the Pop Culture Discussion Group which is a subgroup of Roo Teeth, where we talk about Pop Culture related things like comic books and/or superhero movies, tv shows, movies in general, books, the like.

          Both Quiltbagfighters and Nerdwriters are subgroups of Australian nerdfighters which like Rooster Teeth is a YouTube personality, except instead of a company it started off with two brothers. Quiltbagfighters is a group of queer youth and non-queer youth just talking. The way non-queer youth are included is that they get to learn about anything queer related or learn information about the queer youth. It helps people in learning about new terminology too.

          Lastly, I’ve had to join two themed social media sites, and I picked Twitch and Reddit, specifically AskaHistorian subreddit. Twitch’s gimick is video games, specifically streaming video games or video game related content. I don’t use it often, unless there’s a YouTuber I like who is streaming a particular game I like I’ll watch it. The only time where I’ve watched it is Rooster Teeth Extra Life where they raised money for a children’s hospital in Austin, Texas. Twitches main ‘rise to fame’ of sorts is twitch plays Pokemon, where the user rigged up a Pokemon game to connect to the Twitch chat so whenever a user said ‘left’ the player would go left and so on. AskaHistorian is a subreddit… on reddit where you basically ask a Historian about a specific historical event. I love history a lot, so reading about particular things is really interesting in how a lot of history classes and books tell us a different story.

          So, social media is awesome, libraries are cool and Facebook is… well, Facebook.



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