News sharing and forums.

          News is interesting, especially in this day and age. I don’t know if I’ve told you guys, but I want to be a journalist. Political journalist to be exact, though journalism is dying… paper journalism which kind of sucks because I love the smell of newspapers (maybe not when they’ve been on the train for a bit and they smell like puke), but now days it’s kind of, easy to get your work published. I mean I’ve had two pieces published and I haven’t even turned 20 yet, the only thing difficult is getting your work out there, and getting it almost viral.

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Social media & themed sites

          I love social media, it could be that I’m a young person born in 1995 and I don’t understand the troubles of dial up and floppy disks (which mind you, I do. Not as bad, but still I know and have been around for dial up and I’ve seen floppy disks and stuff. Social media is great, I use mostly Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and a few others here and there. Continue reading

Words, and word.

          Here’s another blog entry about Microsoft word! The last entry on word I spoke about me and my history with word like having a certificate in Microsoft Office 2010, and being I.T. captain and such. So we learnt about copying, moving and fonts which was interesting because I mean I know how to copy, paste, move things and I know how to install fonts and such, but I didn’t think of using fonts for festive activities like Easter, Christmas… Halloween.

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Themed sites & Facebook

          I love themed sites and themed pages, well sort of. I mean, I like sites where there’s an overall theme, and sites where there’s a bit of everything you can do. Like say Tumblr, now Tumblr is both themed and not themed, it’s themed in a sense where you can follow specific groups. I follow a lot of video game, comic book, Marvel/DC, Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter blogs, but I also follow some blogs where they post photography of different type of things. Thus, my dash isn’t really themed, but it’s themed for my liking and what I like. Whereas there are themed sites like Achievement Hunter which is about just video games.

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