Words and Microsoft

          I’m a nerd, though I think we’ve gathered that already from my talks of fictional characters and people who live in Austin, Texas who some of them don’t know I exist (or for a few seconds when they meet me or favourite / retweet a tweet I send them). So for my class last week we learnt about Microsoft word and its components and what it can offer me as not only as a writer but as a librarian (well, okay I won’t be one for my whole life).

          Now, I don’t want to sound braggy (and by saying that it’s going to sound like I’m braggy); in year nine I got a cert i in Information Technology which includes Microsoft Office, because I took an IT class, I mean in grade six I got I.T.C. captain, I love computers and technology… sure now days I don’t really keep up with the latest things, but I still enjoy it as a topic and learning about the components that holds one. So during this class I knew a few of the things that the teacher is teaching us, except a couple of things.

          I know how to make a new document, what a ruler is, how to select font, how to select font with arrow keys,. I know about styles, like when to use them and when not to use them. I know about how to format text, and to bold and all that jazz – though I did think that was necessary for people who aren’t as tech savy as I am. Except there were a few things that I didn’t know, and it was fun learning about these exciting things that I never thought of.

          First is the table of contents with styles, now in order to achieve this you go to references and then table of contents. It sounds so easy, but for some reason I’ve never needed to use it. I also didn’t know that you can save a style you did for a previous text. Like say, for example you have typed out a word that’s in the font Elephant size 26 coloured purple, and you need another bit of your font like that but you can’t be bothered copying and pasting the previous heading or trying to find exacts, so you go to format painter in home and hey ho presto!

          So I learned a few things I didn’t think existed, which is pretty cool. I’m learning new things, even though I have a certificate I in the whole thing.



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