Social Media.

          So, I’m a teenager (okay give me… four months and I won’t be) and I engage in social media, I mean you could say that blogging is a form of social media, well some people say it is and I like to think it is. Since we’re in a ‘new world’ of course (compared to the 1900s) social media is interesting and it’s new and it’s changing with each year a new ‘fad’ in a sense of social media is emerging.

          Why am I talking about social media you might be asking (you’re probably not but let’s go with it that you are). I started this blog for my writing course last year, for my blogging class and it was fun, and as you can tell I continued blogging about writing and life and what not. This year, I’m doing a library course and so we’re learning about social media (which is exciting for me because I love social media) so if I have I don’t know weird??? entries it’s because of this course and all.

          SOCIAL MEDIA! WHAT DO I KNOW? Well, a lot. My first form of social media is either Livejournal (if you count blogs as social media) and/or Myspace. Of course though I would be on like dumb websites you play when you’re like 8 – 10 year old. I’ve been on Myspace for like a year before I joined Facebook and Livejournal was on and off. I joined Tumblr around a few months after I joined Facebook. I’ve been on Twitter since February of 2009 (thanks Twitter)

         I love social media, I’ve got as I’ve said, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook as well as YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat, LinkdIn, Pintrest, Vine, Deviantart (except I don’t use it anymore), Flickr, Goodreads, Google+, Livejournal (again don’t use it anymore), Raptr, Soundcloud, Stickam (I haven’t been on it since I was 14), Wattpad and Vampire Freaks (again, I don’t use it again). But I know about other social media sites that’s been around like Xanga, Bebo (actually I had a Bebo account), Friendster, Hi5, GeoCities, Foursquare, StumbleUpon and Yelp among others.

          As you can see, I know social media and with being 19 (turning 20) I’ve grown up with the Internet and social media and I’m born mobile (don’t click it if you get second hand embarrassment easily, it’s so cringe-worthy) so social media is important in the sense that it connects everyone so easy no days instead of calling people on the phone and I’ve connected with so many people over the world via social media that I would never have met if there was no forms of social media.

          That’s it for social media things, so yeah for people who do read my blog I’m gonna be posting some stuff for my course and just general bloggy-ness that I’d normally do. I’ll talk to you guys next time!



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