Yesterday… wasn’t fun. Now this might sound ‘weird’ to some people, but I lost someone who I only met briefly once, but he has had a big impact on my life. Monty Oum, an animator at Rooster Teeth passed away on Feb 1st. The ‘weird’ thing I was talking about is that we had only met once, he came down to Australia from Austin with another animator Jordan Cwierz and they came to Melbourne and spoke to a crowd of around 200+ about animating. I got a somewhat photo of us (as it was a large line people were not allowed to take photos but my friend took a photo of them signing and such). I spoke more to Jordan then I did to Monty, I however asked a question during the panel that was answered. 

         I think the weird thing about is that I had met him once and spoke to him briefly, but he still had this large impact on my thoughts and well being. Monty created RWBY, an animated webseries following the life of humans and faunas (human/animal hybrids) in a world … kind of like ours politically wise but not geographically wise… that’s the best way I can describe it really. He also worked on Red vs. Blue, another animated webseries (well sort of) it didn’t start off animated, just a bunch of guys in a room playing Halo but doing voice overs.

          Deaths are… difficult for me. I’ve had six people I know pass away, my nana, a friend, my granddad, an ex-boyfriend, my dog (okay he’s not a person but he was considered family) and now Monty. Death is somewhat prominent in life, and in mine. There have been a few suicides and other deaths at my school, and taking public transport last year you hear a lot about people committing suicide in front of a train, or a car wreck close to the train tracks. Death is a part of life, and you can’t really shake it off as much as you want to. I often think about if I would want immortality, and a lot of days I do because I don’t have to experience being dead, but then I have to witness my family members dying, my friends, anyone I love will be dead.

          Though I think that’s the negative of immortality, the positives are that I could do anything (well anything that doesn’t break the law), I can have so many friendships, I can experience so much pop culture it’s ridiculous. I mean I thought about “well, how would I write so many books with the same last name” I mean I could change them each time… imagine all the Wikipedia entries about me. Whoa. Death is a thing of life we all have to accept, as much as we don’t like it. I remember, and I think it was a year or two after my nana passed away, some nights I’d go on some sort of trip (okay well I was very sober and a child but just humour me), where I’d realise I’m exisiting, you know. We go through life, living; but I’d have these nights where I realise that I’m here, I’m alive, I’m human. I’d think about death, and I’d think about space and everything.

          And I’d get so scared, and I’d try to distract myself by watching a movie, or writing, or something because I didn’t like said feeling. I’d cry and run to mum to tell her and she’d reassure me and tell me that everything will be okay. When I came out of my room yesterday from finding out the news, my cheeks stained with tears, my eyes developing more tears (which I don’t remember where they came from, I just… cried. I even cried reading his blog entry about his mother passing), I told her that Monty passed and at first she was confused but I said “do you remember me telling you about the guy I met with Bailey a year and a bit ago? The one in hospital, yeah he passed away” and she gave me a lot of hugs, and so did my step-dad.

          I’ve even had a few friends worry about myself and two other rooster teeth friends in our friendship group, which is nice. I mean, they may not understand why Monty had a huge impact on our lives considering I was the only one out of the three to meet him, but they’re sympathetic in the fact that we’re upset about someone’s passing. And it’s strange that I’m more upset about Monty then I was about Robin Williams who was my childhood. I had only know about Monty since maybe two years, and I’ve cried about him more, more then my ex-boyfriend, more then my friend, more then my granddad (then again, my granddad was a prick…).

          I appreciated Monty’s work, but it sucks it took me two years to realise how much he’s impacted me, and I hate that I can’t tell him. I told him I liked RWBY, I said I really like how he tells stories. But I never realised until now that I love his storytelling, the characterisation and the development these characters have. And it sucks that I have to realise this after his death. I’m agnostic (and this isn’t me impending my belief’s onto you trust me), so I believe that there’s something out there. If there is, I hope Monty’s up in heaven rocking it out and playing DDR and maybe working.


Myself, Jordan and Monty at ACMI in Melbourne.

          I think that’s all I’ll say on the matter. I wish it wasn’t real, like it’s some sort of dream… but sadly it isn’t. Which sucks. A lot. God fucking damn it.



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